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Why do people (rather, these amit123 types) not know the difference between the usage of ‘will’ and ‘would’?


Of school and murder

Why do we talk about being ‘human’ as being superior to other species that walk the earth? Is it because we can think? Because we can feel? And what is the point of thinking and feeling if all we feel is animosity, the desire to harm other human beings? Where does this bizarre need to harm other individuals come from? Why do men behave like we still are cave people, ousting each other for survival? And how does this make us different from animals that bite each others’ heads off for food?

That kid was all of 19. He came to med school with the idea of becoming a doctor. Did he know that his end wasn’t far? What did he do to those drunken jackasses parading around as “seniors”? What gave them the right to injure another student? What gave them the right to even lay a finger on another human being, let alone a fellow student? Does education not teach these people anything at all?

And they have been charged with homicide, not amounting to murder. Is it only murder if it is premeditated? Does being drunk and not ‘setting out to’ kill the boy absolve them of the heinous sin?

Why do we live in a world where human hatred for the human race is increasing everyday? Why should I bring children into a world where it is okay to kill other people in the name of ragging, culture, jihad and what have you? A world where life has lost all meaning, so much that the generation we expect to change the face of the earth, is only regressing towards what can only be described as stopping short of cannibalism?

I can only disagree with Hemingway when he says “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”And agree with Will Somerset.

P.S.: I am not on a sabbatical. I have just been caught up in work and some other developments that make it hard to devote as much time for the blog as I used to. Makes me sad, it does. But the awesome news I can give you is that my Mommy is visiting me! Yayyyy. I am going to see her after a gap of a year and a half. I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it is going to feel!

Standing Ovation

To A R Rahman. I salute thee!

Ah, the joys of Indian politics

So.. I wonder what would happen if someone leaked pictures of Mayawati? Will the Ram Sene beat her up too?

Imagine Laloo and Pranab snickering over their Blackberrys. Ha!

Also, does this post qualify as ‘porn’?

Oh the Irony

So, by beating, raping and molesting women who stay out late, these men are protecting us.

Can I kick them in the nuts to tell them how thankful I am?

Someone please

… tell Raja Sen to go hang himself.

He wants to live up to his reputation of being a bad-ass reviewer? Fine, he can be the biggest asshole on the planet for all I care. What irks me is his mindless bashing of everything he can think of in a movie. For ex., he reviewed Yuvvraaj. Granted, the movie BIT. I won’t even get into reviewing the movie because it will only give me a headache and I don’t do movie reviews on my blog (check this link if you want a snippet of my opinion). But he could have stayed away from criticizing the music, of which I believe he knows close to nothing. I’m not saying Yuvvraj’s music was an example of Rahman’s genius by any means. On the contrary, it was a far cry from a lot his great work. But it wasn’t as bad as Mr. Sen describes it to be. Just because he wanted to lash out at Subhash Ghai (who I think he was being nice to, if it were me I would have inserted a set of expletives that would make Ghai’s ears explode) he did not have to go below the belt and extend his hatred of the movie to its music as well. And now he’s doing the same thing to Ghajini. I don’t have any expectations from the movie either, especially since I have seen the Tamil version and the director being the same guy, I know he’s going to spew the same dim witted nonsense that was the Tamil movie. Although, I must admit that Raja Sen hasn’t begun the omnidirectional bad mouthing of the movie, and in the wake of the music of Slumdog Millionaire, what with Rahman winning/being nominated for international awards and everything, I bet he knows he can’t go about shooting his mouth off about the music of the movie. And honestly, on direct comparison, I am going to have to say that Yuvvraaj’s music was better than Ghajini’s. And yet, Ghajini’s music gets a good review from the Sen man? Does he really think we are suckers? Or does he already know no one really cares about reading his reviews anyway?

Btw, Asin is 23??!!! Man, I thought she’s older than me. I hate growing old. 😦

The One with the Office

Ah, yes, hegidiri? Dewdrop will tell you about my new-found enthusiasm for the Kannada language. To my immense surprise, I can actually carry out full-length conversations on chat and orkut in Kannada! Think I’m ready to spearhead Kaveri river negotiations now.

In other, more awesome news, I have a crush. I know, this is the first time on my blog that I am talking about something like this, but if I’m talking about it it mustn’t mean much no? Anyway, hot-and-cute guy sits in the cubicle behind me and makes me feel like I’m 16 again. Knees-going-weak and all that jazz. Yesterday he even made conversation with me in the coffee room! Bring out the chrysanthemums, we’re doing some petal pudung-ing (plucking).

For your reading pleasure, some WTF. Makes you wonder why humans are called higher primates, dunnit?