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Why do people (rather, these amit123 types) not know the difference between the usage of ‘will’ and ‘would’?


Things you should not do at work…

# 238765 – take random quizzes that have NO relation to what you really are.

Burning Question

I know this girl from my engineering college days who got married immediately after her engineering, moved to the US, promptly got pregnant last year and just had a baby. That’s fine, her choice, her life. I am not questioning any of her decisions.

My real question is, why on earth do you think putting up pictures of you in the labor ward, having JUST given birth to the baby is something the rest of us would enjoy?! I, for one, am repulsed by the very thought. And of course there is absolutely NOTHING tasteful about the picture. It is vivid in its gory details. No, there isn’t a screaming naked woman, but there IS what appears to be either a doctor or a nurse, covered in blood. Did she expect that we would all be so consumed in looking at the baby (you all know my opinion of new borns) that we wouldn’t notice anything else in the picture? Does she think it is a pretty sight?

No, I do not think it is pretty. In fact, I am completely grossed out by it. I now have no desire to see either her or her baby. Ever. So please, my dear friends, if you are planning on doing this again, which I have a sneaking suspicion that many people I have the misfortune of knowing will definitely do, pause to think before putting up something like this in the future. It is my humble request on behalf of humanity. Do not put us through this horrifying experience again.

I am Outraged

What can I say? Looks like SEV’s usage of certain.. ahem.. adjectives stands justified after all. Hmph.

P.S. For the uninitiated, these are my blog statistics and the key phrases people used to search which led them to my blog. The highlighted phrase ‘galadriel porn’ is one of them. Okay? Okay.


Wishful Thinking

… Of what wcould have been?

(Note: You might have to refresh the page a couple of times to see it. But if you’re not in a very refreshy mood I completely understand, it’s not that funny anyway).

Oz is a strange land indeed….


A Nightmare… and the dream thereafter

What kind of a country of psychopaths do we live in?