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A Thing of Value

First off, I have news! I am now officially Rayshma’s permanent tag recipient. Yayy. It’s a two-way street, btw Raysh. Also, as a tribute to “our formal union in holy tag-imony”, I have taken up this tag.

To begin with, I honestly cannot think of an inanimate object that has been that of my attention so much that I value it beyond time. I learned not to attach myself to material things a very long time ago. However, there are definitely some things that have given me immense happiness and will always be a part of my life.

My very first phone. The cute and durable Nokia 3310. the stress tests that I put it through would put the IPhone people to shame. Yeah, you’re right, I did put it into the toilet as well. It stuck by me for a whole 3 years in college and has seen more than it’s share of late night phone calls, SMSes, missed calls, etc. etc. I miss it so.

My current best friend, my car, my beautiful Chrysler Sebring. She’s my confidante, my soulmate. I simply cannot imagine life without her. She’s sleek, sexy, powerful. She’s everything I had ever wanted in a car and more. I love you babe. BFF.

My Bose in-ear earphones. And my Bvlgari sunglasses. Both, because they were a gift from a very very special friend. And both, I would never have had the heart to buy for myself because they’re so expensive. And they’re both everything I have left of our turbulent and amazing friendship.

This one green studded earring that was also a gift. However, 2 days after I got the earrings, I lost one of them and I was simply devastated. I still have the other one for keepsakes, but I sorely miss the lost one.

A silver rattle that I’ve had ever since I was a baby. This is something my grandma gave my Mom and it has been with us for over 24 years now. Every time I go back home, I make it a point to dig it out and take a look at it.

For now, these are all I can think of. I’m not going to tag anyone but everyone is welcome to take it up.


Moments of Doubt

The darkness settles down all around. Outside is a haze of cars and buses flying by. The phone rings, but you are certain that if you answer it you will burst out crying. A dozen IMs waiting, you cease to bother. Almost as if life doesn’t make a difference to you. You look at the clock. Almost 5.15. Does time really matter? When everything you’ve worked for in the last 2 years is nothing but a colossal waste of it? You question your own credibility. Your confidence lies shattered to smithereens in some desolate corner of your mind. All you need now is closure. Deliverance.

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The Winds of Change

New PMT Bus Ticket


Pune’s a fast growing tech savvy city.


Alright! A relative lull from my side (I know, I know, my readers’ club-all seven of you-are wondering what happened) led to a lack of posting for a week. Reason: I’m on vacation. And not Baltimore, as a few of you are probably thinking; I, in fact am in INDIA!!! Now you know why people call me mental. Well, I planned this trip in a matter of a very depressing half hour and I got exactly 48 hours to pack/shop/wrap up things back there. And I landed here thinking people would receive a nice jolt, nay, a nasty defibrillating shock wave, but alas! Mr Murphy just happens to be my best friend, did I tell you? So things didn’t really go as planned and I spent New Year’s Eve languishing alone, going off to sleep at 10.30 at home. Oh well, another new year begun without the remotest trace of a kiss. Hmph!

Anyway, what was the point of this post? Galadriel to Earth, Galadriel to Earth… Everything is A-ok. No reason to panic. Over and out.

P.S: Life has a funny way of showing to you how much people mean to you. And how little you seem to mean to them. Cheers!

Welcome 2008

Happy New Year, everyone!

Another year down and I have learned a lot more than I had last year. I seem to be getting wiser (if I may say so myself). It’s been a whole year and a half since I left home to begin a life of my own. I didn’t like it at first, but I began to enjoy my own company after a while. I made new friends, dealt with pressures at school and at work. I explored my love for research. I grew from being indifferent to disliking to feeling pure loathing for my adviser. I discovered that I love research so much that I’m willing to dedicate many more years of my life to it.

I met people whose company I enjoyed immensely; I had never thought I could like being amongst people so much. I realized that I am much more of an anti-anti-social than I ever thought I was. I discovered that loneliness is one of my worst fears and is one of the few feelings that can make me cry like a baby. I found that people care for me a lot more than I think they do. I understood what love really meant, that living away from your family can only increase it exponentially.

I also realized that I am completely insane. Hopefully in a cute sort of way. Someone called me “mental”. How right they were!

Goodbye 2007. I see 2008 as a much more promising year than the last because a lot of decisions will be made this year. Life changing, you may call them. Wish me luck!