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I, Me.

I AM: therefore I think.

I WANT: to love and be loved (in a very M&B way. 😛 ).

I HAVE: to clean every single unwashed vessel before I go to bed at night.

I WISH: for a magic carpet.

I HATE: *****

I FEAR: losing people I care for deeply.

I SEARCH: on google.

I WONDER: if things will ever be the way I want them to.

I REGRET: having quit learning Carnatic music.

I LOVE: raindrops, snow, sunlight, grass, cats…

I ALWAYS: try to look happy.

I AM NOT: beautiful, neither am I stupid.

I DANCE: when people can’t see me.

I SING: all the time.

I CRY: myself to sleep.

I WRITE: when rayshma threatens to kill me!

I WON: the biggest battle of my personal insecurity a few months ago.

I AM CONFUSED: Phd or job?

I NEED: to focus on ecology and not do random tags.

I SHOULD: fix my schedule to a more human one.

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS: the stupid alarm’s gonna ring at 7 again!!



I have a friend who works on medical imaging. Excerpts from a conversation he was having with his friend:

S: biomedical imaging
G: hmmm
G: wtf
G: u mean porn?

Made my day, it did.


In other news, I have finally discovered a solution to my roommate’s insomnia problem.

Ever wonder… ?

  • if you are willing to turn your life upside down for someone, would you appreciate them less and blame them more at a later stage in life?
  • if you ever stop loving/caring for someone, even after they aren’t really yours anymore?
  • if waiting for people to have epiphanies of realization is better than taking their lives in your hands and setting things straight for them?
  • if time erodes relationships?
  • if being impulsive and living in the moment and making things happen is better than calculating and contemplating and waiting for things to happen to you?
  • if being with someone can change you so much that their absence in your life is noticeable to all and sundry?
  • if your past has the ability to haunt you forever?

The Second Life

Found this here. It made me shed a tear.

I cannot believe the incredible magnitude of the man’s love for his wife.  I wonder if I will ever be able to find a love so pure, so overwhelming that it makes me choose death over a life empty of them.

There is the hope.

Out of the blue…

A glance, a touch. A fleeting smile. A hint of mischief. Laughing eyes, once full of sorrow. Playful hands. A hug, a kiss. A peck on the cheek. A brush of the lips against the forehead. A grin, a chuckle, full blown laughter. The forgetfulness, the excuses for. Expectations, or the lack of. Hurt, despair, angst. Loss. Guilt. Hope, a ray of sunshine. Happiness, endless mirth. A meeting of the eyes. Instant communication. A connection. Electricity. The wit, the intelligence, the wisdom. Patience. The logical thinking. Achievement. The encouragement, the support. The affection. The sound of a voice. Recognition. Knowing the pain. Feeling it. The waiting. The disappointment thereafter. Sleeplessness. Concern, anxiety. Envy. Insecurity. Reassurance, appeasement. Conversations, discussions, arguments, quarrels. Apologies. Making up. The eyes, the lips, the stature. The smell, the voice. The gait, the stance. The aura, the persona.


Inspired by She’s Got a WayBilly Joel

Tag Whopper

Lavs and Pixie tagged me with 8!

8 Things I am passionate about

  • Research
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Sambhar *edited to add*(more like it makes me moan in pleasure <wink>)
  • Traveling
  • Driving

8 Things I want to do before I die

  • Fall hopelessly, madly, irrevocably, passionately in love
  • Publish a book
  • Be an emeritus professor in some high ranked university
  • See the Himalayas/Alps
  • Travel the world and/or cruise across the world ocean
  • See the 7 wonders of the world (I haven’t even seen the Taj, can you believe it??)
  • Learn music from U Srinivas
  • Meet Ilayaraja/A R Rehman

8 Things I say often

  • Bitch
  • WTF
  • Damn
  • Nobody loves me
  • I’m sorry
  • You wish
  • I love you (to my mom, geez… people, I tell you)
  • Ouch

8 Books I’ve read recently

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Lord of the Rings (still reading it)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • The Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Computer Vision
  • The Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Optical Properties and Remote Sensing of Fresh Water and Estuaries
  • Data Structures with C++

8 songs I could listen to over and over

  • Yellow – Coldplay
  • Clocks – Coldplay (actually all Coldplay songs)
  • Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (actually most Pink Floyd songs)
  • Sweet Child o’ mine – Guns n Roses (most of these too :P)
  • Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams (—do—)
  • Eleanor Rigby and Ticket to Ride – The Beatles (…)
  • Mari Mari Ninne – Yesudas, from the movie Sindhu Bhairavi
  • Brahmam Okatey – Sudha Raghunathan

8 Things that attract me to my best friends

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Sense of Humor
  • Personality
  • Smile (theirs and their ability to make me)
  • Common interests
  • Similar goals and wants
  • Similar shirt size

Now, I do not know 8 suckers who’d be willing to take this up, so it’s open to all! 😀

The Site

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