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I actually know people like this

A couple of days ago, I saw that a contact on my Orkut friends list had put up this clip. (For those of you who don’t understand Marathi, this clip is an audio transcript of a call from Tata Indicom to a man who expects Marathi to be spoken in Maharashtra by Tata Indicom representatives). Needless to say, my blood boiled over and I gave him a piece of my mind. I reported this clip as spreading hatred and removed him from my friends list. I also galvanized my social network into motion and had all of our common friends report him. He is, of course, no more on my Orkut list.


My question is, if educated and literate people act like this, why won’t there be widespread communal disharmony? What happened to tolerance and a secular India?



Why do people (rather, these amit123 types) not know the difference between the usage of ‘will’ and ‘would’?

All this pressure!

Yes, I know the expectations are sky high and everyone expects me to post about the awesome weekend I had over at Raysh’s (I mean, it’s not like it was a honeymoon, you know!). But what can I say here that has not been said before? How do I keep it from being intensely personal, something I have tried to refrain from doing on this public space?

Everyone knows how much I adore and respect her. I believe the feeling is mutual. And hopefully it now extends to SEV too, whom I nagged and coerced into coming along.

The 3 days I stayed there just flew by in a whirlwind of mountains, lakes, hiking trails, forests and good conversation. I had the most amazing mozzarella sandwich on the way back (after which we saw the bear cub).

It was a fabulous weekend. I am glad I found such wonderful friends in her and Vin. I am definitely hoping they will visit me soon enough!

I do not really want to say anything else. I hope you guys understand.

P.S: .. and the next weekend is nearly here already! 🙂

My friends are awesome

On a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, two of my favorite people in the entire world came across this:


They promptly thought of me and took a picture and emailed it to me! That was most thoughtful of them… You guys are the sweetest. 🙂

Thanks, you two. I love you!

Burning Question

I know this girl from my engineering college days who got married immediately after her engineering, moved to the US, promptly got pregnant last year and just had a baby. That’s fine, her choice, her life. I am not questioning any of her decisions.

My real question is, why on earth do you think putting up pictures of you in the labor ward, having JUST given birth to the baby is something the rest of us would enjoy?! I, for one, am repulsed by the very thought. And of course there is absolutely NOTHING tasteful about the picture. It is vivid in its gory details. No, there isn’t a screaming naked woman, but there IS what appears to be either a doctor or a nurse, covered in blood. Did she expect that we would all be so consumed in looking at the baby (you all know my opinion of new borns) that we wouldn’t notice anything else in the picture? Does she think it is a pretty sight?

No, I do not think it is pretty. In fact, I am completely grossed out by it. I now have no desire to see either her or her baby. Ever. So please, my dear friends, if you are planning on doing this again, which I have a sneaking suspicion that many people I have the misfortune of knowing will definitely do, pause to think before putting up something like this in the future. It is my humble request on behalf of humanity. Do not put us through this horrifying experience again.

Aur duniya kehti… heppy… baarrdeyy.. tooo.. yooo..

Alright, you can yell at me later for the lack of posting, but first, see what I’ve cooked up!

So, we know that maydem is turning the grand old age of.. yeah, you guessed it.. three zero!! So, since I cannot make up for last year’s awesome birthday present, this year, I have decided to write a post for her.

And NO, I’m NOT writing paeans of her glory (she already has a high enough opinion of herself) but this time, along with Dewey I have decided that we will make her get off her cute little hiney and do a little scavenger hunting (she NEVER googles, just conveniently asks me her questions, making me look, of course, important and knowledgeable so there are definite perks to being her google filter, but still…)

So, my dear darling chammiya, pliss to be answering me this one koshan: “What is the common thing in the following 5 sub sections of this post?” But make sure you have been to Dewey’s blog first, because otherwise everything is washte!

Section A.

“I hope you know CPR, ’cause you take my breath away.”
“Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.”
“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”
“You’re like a dictionary … you add meaning to my life.”
“Do you have a bandaid? I scraped my knee when I fell for you.”

Section B.

– Gruyère
– Appenzeller
– Bleu des Causses
– Tomme des Pyrénées
– Époisses de Bourgogne

Section C:

IMDB – tt0391229

Section D & E:


So, Catty, when you have finished your homework, email me and Dewey with the answer! There is something vairy speyshul waiting for you!!

And, yeah, before I forget.. Wish you the most wonderful and happiest birthday ever. Love you, gurl. Muah.

By popular demand

Alright folks. Due to the ahem.. controversial nature of the previous post, we have decided to comply with the demands of our readership and do a follow-up to the ever-interesting topic of ‘galadriel porn’. So here is the awe-inspiring gtalk conversation with a dear friend who is a fan of all things.. porny (i know that’s not a word but it is now). And that includes the one thing connecting this blog to the Indian erotic phenomenon.. Sav Bhabhi!

For a bit of background I got a Swedish massage this weekend. And no, the masseuse wasn’t Swedish. And yes, she was hot. And yes, she was blonde. And she complimented me saying I had soft skin. No, Ravan, nothing else happened.

Anyway, onward.

Friend:me: how is savitabhabhi?

me: i didn’t get that message

Friend: i know



me: ermm

i have an idea for savitabhabhi

Friend: like?

me: i got inspired when i told my friend about my massage

savita bhabhi goes for a swedish massage


and then shacks up with the masseur/masseuse

Friend: but manoj has already given her an awesome massage

me: oh no!

Friend: we’ll work on it

what about savitabhabhi seduces a PhD student?


paid by an infosec guy from Mumbai who cannot get enough of her boobs?


me: hahahahaha!!!!

Friend: and the PhD student’s girlfriend is outraged!


but she forgives the student because it was savitabhabhi – the role model for today’s youth


you should submit your story idea

Friend: you should post about this!


the galadriel porn blog – happening, well within the realms of decency

There you are people. Writers at Savita Bhabhi, are you listening? You should pay us royalty if you do flick this idea.