I have opinions. Like it or not.


.. you don’t realize the value of things when they’re with you. When they move away, you feel a void. All my friends have gone to India this winter break. I languish alone. Sucks. Bah.

And to all you Santa-lovin’, Christmas adorin’, presents hoggin’ beacons of boisterous merrymaking, Happy Holidays!


Comments on: "Sometimes" (7)

  1. how’d d driving in snow go?!
    and heyy… virtually, u’re never alone! 🙂
    happy holidays, babes! 🙂

  2. Perhaps when you’re back from Baltimore, we could go watch a movie at Princeton? Ring me 🙂

  3. eheehehe…join the club. 😛

    My invitation to you’s still open. 😀

  4. Hey, atleast you didnt have to spend the whole fuckin day sitting around in airports and planes!!

  5. I totally agree with Rayshma!
    Happy holidays my dear! 🙂

  6. @rayshma:i haven’t gone yet! 😛 and i’m not drivin either. thanks for the support girl. heart.
    @Rahul:sounds like a good idea, lemme know when you’re free. 🙂
    @alice:thanks a bil,too many people, too little break!
    @Sailesh:entirely your fault if you ask me. who asked you not to read my SOP?
    @Pixie:thanks dear!wish you the same..

  7. Sometimes, the reverse is even truer.

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