I have opinions. Like it or not.

Oh the Irony

So, by beating, raping and molesting women who stay out late, these men are protecting us.

Can I kick them in the nuts to tell them how thankful I am?


Comments on: "Oh the Irony" (11)

  1. i wish!
    then i’d wear my pointiest heels that day.

  2. Yes, please. I’ll pay to watch that.

  3. yea… they need that kick from those pointed heels!

  4. Okay I’ll buy the pointiest pair of stilettos I can get JUST for the pleasure of kicking these bastards in their nuts. Money well spent.

  5. U should…we all should!

    I find it hard to blv that all of this is yet happng…n Time are changing…i heard!

  6. You should definitely do that. And please please please please please can I sponsor shoes with nails poking out of the front, extra sharp ones????

  7. @ dewdrop: don’t buy. i have. steel-tipped heels. u can use those. 🙂
    i have a steel-toed boot also.. but that’s back home…

  8. Catty: I could borrow… but I want to buy new footwear no? 😐 Need an excuse 😀

  9. I can’t even believe some of things they said. “Sit at home and learn to make chapattis” and the like. Makes my skin crawl.

  10. dewdrop: buying toh theek hai… u can’t walk in heels, rber? will u gift them to me after donning them on the day you kick whoever…?

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