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Hello World!

I’m back. 😀


  • Things are moving in the right direction. I’m happy. Will tell you more about this when the time comes.
  • My blog had an anniversary. Oct 11th. I missed it. Sorry, blog.
  • I turned 25. Feels about the same, except now the pressure is building. Everyone’s asking me when I’m getting married, like it’s the ultimate path to Nirvana.
  • Missing the bitchiness and the madness terribly.
  • Spoke to DDD for the first time ever. She sounds exactly as I imagined her to be. 😀
  • I recently discovered that I have some of the most amazing friends. My gang at school all celebrated my birthday even though it was 2 weeks late. And the two most amazing people that I’ve been living with for the past few months are more special to me than they will ever know.
  • I’m gonna miss New England.
  • Tried to watch ‘Kidnap’. Couldn’t. Someone please explain to me why since times immemorial, it has been taking exactly 3 minutes for the cops to trace a call in ever Hindi movie? One would think that with the scientific and technological development achieved over the last few decades, this detection time should have been reduced?? Gah.