I have opinions. Like it or not.

A couple of days ago, I saw that a contact on my Orkut friends list had put up this clip. (For those of you who don’t understand Marathi, this clip is an audio transcript of a call from Tata Indicom to a man who expects Marathi to be spoken in Maharashtra by Tata Indicom representatives). Needless to say, my blood boiled over and I gave him a piece of my mind. I reported this clip as spreading hatred and removed him from my friends list. I also galvanized my social network into motion and had all of our common friends report him. He is, of course, no more on my Orkut list.


My question is, if educated and literate people act like this, why won’t there be widespread communal disharmony? What happened to tolerance and a secular India?


Comments on: "I actually know people like this" (18)

  1. I reported this clip as spreading hatred
    Erm, whatever happened to freedom of speech and all that klutz?

    • What happened to people having the freedom to speak any language they wish to communicate in? I know Marathi, but I wish to speak in Hindi. Do I not have the freedom to do that?

  2. Err… I think that flew out the window at the same time, education stopped changing people’s mindsets and didn’t stop narrow-minded thinking!!!

  3. whats happening to the world… first its land… and then its language… we are going back to cave days when men used to fight for territories…good post…

  4. i support the decision to report this person. i probably would have done the same thing. i wonder too, what happened to the secular india. sometimes, i think, it existed only in books and inside my head.
    this whole nonsense is ridiculous! i don’t think any one language needs to be spoken in any one state in india. and yes, i am a maharashtrian saying this. it doesn’t mean i’m not proud to be a maharashtrian… merely that i have the sense to realize that this secularism and freedom of ‘being’ is what makes india INDIA to me.

    • it doesn’t matter whether you’re a maharashtrian or a tamilian, does it? shouldn’t you be able to live and work in any state within india with equal freedom?? since when did we all lose the freedom to talk any language that we are comfortable in?! i’m a tamilian, but i speak better marathi than some of my maharashtrian counterparts, and you know that very well.

      why did my father choose to come and work in maharashtra despite not knowing a word of either hindi or marathi? he used to get by just fine. why are they acting as if it is a handicap if one doesn’t know marathi?

      • the fact that it shouldn’t matter what you are.. other than an indian.. is something that ppl don’t u’stand. and it doesn’t matter whether these people are educated or not! i know of some whose parents don’t believe in this rubbish, but the educated children do. i have no clue what can be done, though.

  5. I’m confused..so this guy[the orkut contact] supports bal thackrey n the likes…n says that ppl in maharashtra SHOULD speak marathi? If my u’standing is right :
    U know….i feel like a fool..but such opinions from people of our generation..a generation of educated, modern broad-minded ppl….YET shock me! I find it hard to believe it!
    India is suppose to be the MOST secular country..but we all know how far we are from that! I am a tamilian who was raised in Bangalore. N I’ve seen how some kannadigas get all worked up about preserving kannada in Blr. I find it downright silly!
    It’s a pity that we waste time on such things when there are so many more important issues that need attention in this world!
    U did the rite thing!

  6. I am not sure if you guys noticed but this dude is openly disrespecting Hindi (he calls it “AdaaNi” meaning illiterate).

    • Yep, I noticed it. He also says Hindi has no history while Marathi is 2000 years old. Now I don’t even feel like coming up with a retort to stuff like that!

      P.S.: Welcome! 🙂

  7. If you guys, go to any south indian state they will speak in their native language first. So if we follow same in Marashatra (means speaking in Marathi first) then what is the problem?

    • No one is asking you to stop talking in Marathi. I am a Tamilian, I speak fluent Marathi – even better Marathi than my Maharashtrian friends. The point is not that. The person in this audio clip is insisting that any Tata Indicom call should start in Marathi first. Why? Hindi is our national language, spoken by more than 2/3rds of the population in India. Isn’t it better for a national service provider to start a phone call in a common language as opposed to a language that is only spoken in ONE state?

      My issue is with the fact that these people are trying to force others to speak and learn a language. Isn’t that the exact opposite of living in a free country?

      We (non-Maharashtrians) are free to live in any city in India, working for any job we please to do. Then why are we ostracized and targeted and beaten up by you people? If it is so hard to get a job within my own country, then they should start issuing visas for state-to-state domicile.

      If you endorse the feelings expressed in this clip, then I can only feel only pity for you. Pity that you are so narrow-minded as to be restricted by language.

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