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It's Insane

I’m in the last phase of my thesis. Writing. And it’s hard. So I’m taking a break. I’ll be back before the end of next month, I promise. In other news, I might come back with breaking news and such. 🙂


Protected: It feels amazing

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55 Fiction – "Those 3 Words"

Beyond what point would she stop feeling, she wondered. She let herself feel the wind in her hair, smell the fragrance of the spring, the sunlight kissing her upturned nose. No time to dwell or to reflect. Her feet were treading air now. Air that belonged to the unending, bottomless, gaping abyss. I love you.

How do you explain?

When you think you have acted in everybody’s best interests, that everything blows up in your face?

When there are a few things you believe in and yet that makes people feel you’re not allowed to have those very reservations?

When you have acted with the approval of the people concerned, and yet they turn around to accuse you of hypocrisy?

When you try so hard not to be someone, you’ve become someone you’re not?

When you think people like you, but they really don’t?