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Standing Ovation

To A R Rahman. I salute thee!


The Video

… is ready! Contact me if you wanna see it! 😀


I am and always have been very passionate about a few things in my life. Music ranks top on this list. Over the past one year, I have met individuals who have an almost feverish passion for music, making me feel almost dwarfed by the intensity of their fervor.

However, it only inspired me to take my music even more seriously than ever before. For those of you who do not know, I used to take Carnatic classical music training when I was younger. I never did anything official, never took any grade exams or anything. I used to perform at local concerts but that was the extent of my exposure. When I was in the 10th grade, I quit. It is the only decision of my life that I regret to date. I can never forgive myself for doing such a thing.

After coming to the USA, my love for music only quadrupled. Being the only female singer of my band helped a lot, as did being best friends with the drummer. However, public performances is still a man’s world, with average singers like me being given only second preference. Yet, I plodded on. I showed up for every practice session, irrespective of whether I got to sing or not. Not because I wanted an opportunity to sing. Simply because I just loved being amidst a live band, being with music, my life-air.

Some of my happiest times have been when I have been in the company of music and musicians. This has only strengthened my belief that music is the reason I was born, the reason I’m living. I cannot imagine life without music, and I pity the people who cannot enjoy music. Only someone very very cold hearted and emotionless can skip enjoying music and not regret it.

I promised myself that I would take music seriously and even though I may never make a career out of it, my only aim is to be closely associated with music throughout my life.

My next show is this Sunday. I’m nervous, yet confident. Wish me luck! 🙂