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(nlogn) solution to TSP

The traveling salesman problem has finally been solved!!

P.S.: A porn-related post and I haven’t named either Sailesh or UberT? Hawhawhaw.


Comments on: "(nlogn) solution to TSP" (7)

  1. Everyone, now repeat after me: GALADRIEL PORN BLOG.

  2. Actually, the problem only just begins!

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm 🙂
    Porn Blog, Porn Chat on Google Talk :-).
    Its all the same…

  4. oh, boy!
    i just told vin that u write a porn blog.
    now he’s a bit wary of the kind of ppl i virtually associate with.

    and oh, yes. repeating after SEV: GALADRIEL PORN BLOG.

  5. cho cho cho, ayyo rama yeh kya huaa??

  6. Sheesh! I’m disillusioned. I cry out for help and support and NONE of you show up. The minute I post porn, my comment count shoots up.
    @SEV: You’re just jealous your blog isn’t as cool.
    @Sailesh: Drinks to everyone, Sailesh actually did NOT make a comment relating the post and my advocate abilities??
    @UberT: Google Talk? When did I do that???
    @rayshma: Whose side are you on eh?
    @Megha: Look who’s pretending!

  7. […] since it is galadriel, the usage of the above adjectives can be understood. if not, see here. and here. and here. and… you get the idea now, right? no? how dumb are you? i refuse to have […]

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