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Of school and murder

Why do we talk about being ‘human’ as being superior to other species that walk the earth? Is it because we can think? Because we can feel? And what is the point of thinking and feeling if all we feel is animosity, the desire to harm other human beings? Where does this bizarre need to harm other individuals come from? Why do men behave like we still are cave people, ousting each other for survival? And how does this make us different from animals that bite each others’ heads off for food?

That kid was all of 19. He came to med school with the idea of becoming a doctor. Did he know that his end wasn’t far? What did he do to those drunken jackasses parading around as “seniors”? What gave them the right to injure another student? What gave them the right to even lay a finger on another human being, let alone a fellow student? Does education not teach these people anything at all?

And they have been charged with homicide, not amounting to murder. Is it only murder if it is premeditated? Does being drunk and not ‘setting out to’ kill the boy absolve them of the heinous sin?

Why do we live in a world where human hatred for the human race is increasing everyday? Why should I bring children into a world where it is okay to kill other people in the name of ragging, culture, jihad and what have you? A world where life has lost all meaning, so much that the generation we expect to change the face of the earth, is only regressing towards what can only be described as stopping short of cannibalism?

I can only disagree with Hemingway when he says “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”And agree with Will Somerset.

P.S.: I am not on a sabbatical. I have just been caught up in work and some other developments that make it hard to devote as much time for the blog as I used to. Makes me sad, it does. But the awesome news I can give you is that my Mommy is visiting me! Yayyyy. I am going to see her after a gap of a year and a half. I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it is going to feel!


Comments on: "Of school and murder" (18)

  1. Enjoy your mom’s visit! I hope to see you at Devonshire sometime 🙂

  2. yeah… feels like it’s getting worse by the day, doesn’t it?

    i wish my mom would be this proactive and even “attempt” to visit me!
    on the other hand… i hope i see you while she’s here! and u know what that means! 😀

  3. Hazing sucks.
    It is a power play after all

  4. now you know why video games are so popular in which you can just kill a ton of ppl…..
    n get back to posting what you are better at 😉 plzzzzzzzz

  5. What’s even worse is this very casual attitude towards human life. What kind of people are these to be trying to pass it off as a suicide?! And not informing the cops… and then suspending students as a ‘token gesture’. What kind of sick joke is it all?

    And what scheme are you and Catty cooking up for when the mater visits eh?

  6. Un-frickin’-believable that this happens in this day and age. But then its a world where newschannels, when informed of an attack on women, go to make a news report about it.. and not report it to the police.

  7. that sure is wonderful…considering my mom refuses to visit my place (we live in two different parts of the National Capital region of Delhi)..

    Have fun…

    and dont lose faith in the human race… after all we are also a part of it…not just those jerks.

  8. I read abt this…i donno wat thsi world is really coming to!

    n ur mom visiting u..woooowieeeee! fun times!

  9. DDD: evil plots are not discussed on public spaces. that said, i am now officially offline till i get back to blogging.

  10. Rajlakshmi said:

    those are very deep thoughts… while reading that news I felt so frustrated… because we have become so powerless…
    good post

    enjoy your time 🙂

  11. Oh wow! cool that your mom’s visiting! 🙂

    Mom’s visits are always extra special and so much fun! 😀

    And yea, I agree with Hemingway’s quote too…

  12. wow!!! lucky girl!! what fun!!

  13. @ Catty: *horror struck* You can’t do that!!!!

  14. DDD: can’t do what? not discuss the “plot” publicly on Gs space.. or go offline? i’m bored of both, waise! 😀

  15. clarification. *ahem ahem*
    both in above comment refers to the “evil plot” and being offline.

  16. MOm visiting means time to get pampered full on !!!

  17. Student crime these days is about as commonplace as skirmishes in WW II…..and people seem to have sickeningly gotten used to it. I still get a jolt when I hear or read of such things. To think my little baby daughter will have to grow up in such a world. I’ll make sure we teach her how to kick a**.

    Am really happy for you – that your mum’s visiting….get all ready to be pampered to the hilt! And I can sorta make out that you’re busy. 😉

  18. So is the mom in town as yet? Having loads of fun i hope?

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