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Someone please

… tell Raja Sen to go hang himself.

He wants to live up to his reputation of being a bad-ass reviewer? Fine, he can be the biggest asshole on the planet for all I care. What irks me is his mindless bashing of everything he can think of in a movie. For ex., he reviewed Yuvvraaj. Granted, the movie BIT. I won’t even get into reviewing the movie because it will only give me a headache and I don’t do movie reviews on my blog (check this link if you want a snippet of my opinion). But he could have stayed away from criticizing the music, of which I believe he knows close to nothing. I’m not saying Yuvvraj’s music was an example of Rahman’s genius by any means. On the contrary, it was a far cry from a lot his great work. But it wasn’t as bad as Mr. Sen describes it to be. Just because he wanted to lash out at Subhash Ghai (who I think he was being nice to, if it were me I would have inserted a set of expletives that would make Ghai’s ears explode) he did not have to go below the belt and extend his hatred of the movie to its music as well. And now he’s doing the same thing to Ghajini. I don’t have any expectations from the movie either, especially since I have seen the Tamil version and the director being the same guy, I know he’s going to spew the same dim witted nonsense that was the Tamil movie. Although, I must admit that Raja Sen hasn’t begun the omnidirectional bad mouthing of the movie, and in the wake of the music of Slumdog Millionaire, what with Rahman winning/being nominated for international awards and everything, I bet he knows he can’t go about shooting his mouth off about the music of the movie. And honestly, on direct comparison, I am going to have to say that Yuvvraaj’s music was better than Ghajini’s. And yet, Ghajini’s music gets a good review from the Sen man? Does he really think we are suckers? Or does he already know no one really cares about reading his reviews anyway?

Btw, Asin is 23??!!! Man, I thought she’s older than me. I hate growing old. 😦



He is jobless. He’s watching TV. Then he goes and plays his step brother’s drumset. Then he watches more TV while he is sweating. He comes home, sees his step brother watching TV and sweating. They get into a fight. Get this. He runs upstairs and rubs his “nutset on your drumset”. They become best friends because they like the same dinosaur and want to sleep with John Stamos. They make a rap song titled ‘Boats and Hoes’ and sing it during a Catelina Wine House Mixer presentation lunch while the actual band sings ’80s Joel songs. They beat up their father while they both sleepwalk and put stuff in the refrigerator and the oven respectively.

Now you tell me, why wouldn’t anyone enjoy this movie?

Why so serious?

I have one word for the movie. Superbfuckingawesome.

Acting: Incredible. By everyone. Homage to Heath Ledger. No wonder the role took his life.

Direction: Flawless. At 2 and a half hours, the movie flies by.

Story/Screenplay: Ditto. Makes you really really think.

Cinematography: Beautiful. Imagine it in Imax.

Verdict: Watch it. I’m going again on Sunday to watch it in Imax.

P? or Q?

I looked. And I looked again. I tried to rub my eyes. I still couldn’t make out what I was supposed to be reading. Think, I admonished to myself. You’ve done this before. Yesterday, in fact. I peered again. Ms. Andrew was waiting. I could feel her anger mounting. But then I could also hear a solitary sparrow chirping outside. How I wanted to peek outside, just to see where it was! Shaking myself from the momentary reverie, I attempted yet again, to decipher what the hell it was that the stupid poem was saying.

Sometimes though, I feel like English should be the other way round. Life would be so much simpler then. Why can’t ‘b’ be ‘d’ ? Or the “squiggly” in ‘s’ be pointed the other way? Aargh! No time to dwell, I had more pressing issues at hand. Ms. Andrew’s face came looming back to reality and I tried once again. Nope, no success. And then, the all too familiar yell, “Out of the class, and don’t come back unless I permit you!”, with the faces of Arif, Ravi, Sushant and Omar leering at me showed up. Oh well. Another period missed.

*Italicized passage inspired from this. Must watch. For everyone.