I have opinions. Like it or not.

So.. I wonder what would happen if someone leaked pictures of Mayawati? Will the Ram Sene beat her up too?

Imagine Laloo and Pranab snickering over their Blackberrys. Ha!

Also, does this post qualify as ‘porn’?


Comments on: "Ah, the joys of Indian politics" (10)

  1. laloo knows how to use a blackberry you say???

  2. heh! of course Laloo would know how to use the blackberry no?!
    else, how else will he see them pics?! 😀

  3. Yes, G. This post qualifies as porn.
    FYI, until further notice consider any of your posts as qualifying as porn.

  4. ploitics n people’s mentalities…all thrash i say !

  5. So you’re actively promoting your blog as a porn blog?

  6. nude mayawati pix will never ever classify as porn….its more like inhuman torture to anyone who views them….
    i really doubt laloo, ram vilas paswan n co. will be going nuts over those….aargh….

  7. It was on the right path, till you added the Mayawati reference.

  8. all such pics – mayawathi, laloo, etc etc are hazardous to our eye! 😀

  9. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That was hilarious – I cant imagine who would actually have the stomach to even view such pics of Mayawati, let alone taking such pics!!! Eeeks…..gross!!!

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