I have opinions. Like it or not.

Someone please

… tell Raja Sen to go hang himself.

He wants to live up to his reputation of being a bad-ass reviewer? Fine, he can be the biggest asshole on the planet for all I care. What irks me is his mindless bashing of everything he can think of in a movie. For ex., he reviewed Yuvvraaj. Granted, the movie BIT. I won’t even get into reviewing the movie because it will only give me a headache and I don’t do movie reviews on my blog (check this link if you want a snippet of my opinion). But he could have stayed away from criticizing the music, of which I believe he knows close to nothing. I’m not saying Yuvvraj’s music was an example of Rahman’s genius by any means. On the contrary, it was a far cry from a lot his great work. But it wasn’t as bad as Mr. Sen describes it to be. Just because he wanted to lash out at Subhash Ghai (who I think he was being nice to, if it were me I would have inserted a set of expletives that would make Ghai’s ears explode) he did not have to go below the belt and extend his hatred of the movie to its music as well. And now he’s doing the same thing to Ghajini. I don’t have any expectations from the movie either, especially since I have seen the Tamil version and the director being the same guy, I know he’s going to spew the same dim witted nonsense that was the Tamil movie. Although, I must admit that Raja Sen hasn’t begun the omnidirectional bad mouthing of the movie, and in the wake of the music of Slumdog Millionaire, what with Rahman winning/being nominated for international awards and everything, I bet he knows he can’t go about shooting his mouth off about the music of the movie. And honestly, on direct comparison, I am going to have to say that Yuvvraaj’s music was better than Ghajini’s. And yet, Ghajini’s music gets a good review from the Sen man? Does he really think we are suckers? Or does he already know no one really cares about reading his reviews anyway?

Btw, Asin is 23??!!! Man, I thought she’s older than me. I hate growing old. 😦


Comments on: "Someone please" (4)

  1. professionally, i prefer ghajini’s music to yuvraaj.
    is selling better in india and internationally.
    personaly opinion will be given personally! 😀

    as of raja sen… he cud go the TA way for all i care! maybe we should find out how much he charges for tweaking reviews 😉

  2. Asin is 23.. I better not let M read this 😛

  3. I didn’t like the music of Yuvvraj – except for maybe, 2 songs. I think its a bit OTT… Didn’t like the songs of Ghajini either, except for like 2 songs! 😀

    The English movie is much better than the Tamil version and I’m quite sure that the Tamil version is better than the Hindi version!!! 😀

  4. I wonder how much fun it will be to start a blog where I will lament about the state of music today! Indha Rehman, Shankar Mahadevan ellam enakku thuli kooda pidikaathu! Ore worst aakum avaa! Sangeethathula periya shoonyam! And then I will sip my filter coffee and yell at the kids for making too much noise.

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