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The next time

someone asks me what I have done with my life, I actually have something to say back to them: I have had a peer-reviewed journal publication within 2 years of my Masters, what have YOU done?


A graduate student's woes

Why am I gifted with an advisor who waits a month and a half after my defense to change the title of my thesis? That too after have obtained one committee member’s signature (who’s off to Antarctica on a field trip) and my graduate director (who’s off on some conference and won’t be back till 13th Aug) ?

And since when did I become brave enough to pursue this as a matter of integrity? I simply refused to change the title and obtained all the necessary signatures, much to my advisor’s chagrin? Quite proud of myself I am. 🙂

It's done..

.. I now hold a Masters degree.. Well.. almost.

For those of you who were at the edge of their seats, waiting with bated breath, biting their nails in anticipation of the excruciating suspense being revealed, (yes, all eight of you) thank you. All the support really helped.

Especially Rayshma’s card. Big smile bringer, that.

And now I shall go and drown myself in some Long Island iced tea. Without the Long Island. Or the ice. So just tea, then. Actually, make it freshly squeezed orange juice. Thanks.

12 Hours Left..

.. For my defense.

‘Nuff said.

Moments of Doubt

The darkness settles down all around. Outside is a haze of cars and buses flying by. The phone rings, but you are certain that if you answer it you will burst out crying. A dozen IMs waiting, you cease to bother. Almost as if life doesn’t make a difference to you. You look at the clock. Almost 5.15. Does time really matter? When everything you’ve worked for in the last 2 years is nothing but a colossal waste of it? You question your own credibility. Your confidence lies shattered to smithereens in some desolate corner of your mind. All you need now is closure. Deliverance.

Work… and delay

I have my Masters thesis proposal due in less than a week. Suffice to say that I haven’t even started. Sometimes I think it’s more denial than anything else that makes one procrastinate. Denial? In writing a proposal? you ask. Let me explain.

I believe that one doesn’t start work unless they know exactly what needs to be done. So, the biggest problem in starting work is denying to themselves that they lack the knowledge/ability (as the situation might be) to do a good job. Case in point. I don’t believe I have a good enough Masters thesis proposal. Heck, I don’t even know where it’s headed. If I had a well chalked out game plan that I myself firmly believed in, things might have been different. I would know exactly where to start. I would know exactly what my reading list would contain. I would know the methods/step-by-step action plan/research time line. I would know the end.

Or maybe I’m just making excuses for being lazy.