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I have not seen the sun in 2 weeks now. In case anyone’s keeping count, gloomy dreary winter days are another thing I officially hate.

I think I’m growing up. I went to a Diwali show here, fearing seeing the one person I have so successfully managed to avoid seeing or thinking about for more than a year. I saw them. And I did not feel or think what I feared. In fact, I felt really confident about going up and talking to them. I would have too, had they not disappeared completely after the show – and had there not been like 2000 people there!

I miss performing on stage. I wish I had some way of knowing that my last performance in school was going to be my last one.

This Diwali had to be the worst one in years. I spent it all alone, battling an unbearable headache, and working through the day. Oh and I ate pizza coz I was too sick to cook something nice.

BTW, do you guys have any suggestions (other than painkillers, which is what I had to ultimately resort to) to get rid of headaches? I tried everything – massages, cold compress, tea, coffee, hot shower – to no avail. Then I took my trusted ibuprofen/paracetamol and took a nap. When I woke up my headache was gone. But I hated having to take a painkiller for a simple headache.

The countdown has begun.



I just bought the DVD box set for a friend. Actually, we bought it together, I couldn’t possibly afford to buy the entire thing myself. 🙂 Been so excited about it. We’ve been watching it all of the two days since it’s arrived. I’m fairly certain we’ll spend the entire weekend watching it too! 🙂

I love a lot of things about Seinfeld.

  • Life, art, history, tuberculosis.
  • Art Vandelay
  • Super terrific Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Fat free yogurt
  • Pez dispenser

… And many, many more such unforgettable moments. Seinfeld rocks!

P.S: I actually have a Pez Dispenser. Shaped like Donatello, from TMNT. 🙂

The Video

… is ready! Contact me if you wanna see it! 😀