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I am

I reflect. I write.

I was born in Madras. I was brought up in Bangalore and Pune.

I love Pune. I used to love Bangalore even more. I hate Madras.

I love the dawn. I hate waking up early.

I love taking a hot shower. I hate leaving the bathroom steamy.

I love drinking my tea. I hate making it.

I love being punctual. I hate rushing about trying to achieve it.

I love my keychain. I hate locking up.

I love the snow. I hate the cold.

I love the little puffs of warm breath coming out of my mouth. I hate the tip of my nose getting cold.

I love the ride in the bus to school. I hate that I don’t have a car.

I love New York. I hate New Brunswick. I love Highland Park.

I love eating home made food. I hate cooking.

I love working hard. I hate not achieving the desired results.

I love Jeffery Archer. I hate Sidney Sheldon.

I love being tall. I hate high heels.

I love jewelry. I hate wearing it.

I love rings. I hate the shape of my hands.

I love my younger brother. I hate not having an elder one.

I love driving. I hate Pune’s roads.

I love cleaning up. I hate people who make messes.

I love IM. I hate typing.

I love singing. I hate singing alone.

I love people. I hate having to be with them all the time.

I love being by myself. I hate loneliness.

I love Oceanography. I hate ChemOc.

I love reading. I hate studying.

I love music. I love Guru. 🙂

I love smiling. I hate not being able to make someone smile.

I love the sound of the birds chirping in the morning. I hate that they make me wake up early.

I love the smell of the earth after the first rain. I hate Pune’s monsoon.

I love beautiful Kashmir. I hate all the unrest there.

I love my fiery spirit. I hate my short temper.

I love being independent. I hate being un-emotional.

I love my friends. I hate having lost some pretty darned good ones.

I love being in love. I hate not knowing whether I am.

Dug up from the archives of a previous blog that existed at a time when life was easier. Posted because Alice pushed me to. Thanks babe. 🙂

Incidentally this post also holds the honor of being my 100th post. Yayy!