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A man wearing a t-shirt with a Batman symbol. A woman with an engagement ring. Two giggling high school girls. An old woman with an umbrella. And shivering hands. Father and son, listening to the same song on the cellphone. A drunk. A beautiful woman with tears in her eyes. An African-American mother struggling with a baby in a stroller. A chain smoker. Mafficking college kids. A man and a woman kissing passionately, deeply in love. Ditto for two men. An old couple holding hands, lost in conversation. A hooker with bright red lips. A Chinese guy with an mp3 player. Indian newly-weds. A businessman. A Jewish family. An Armish one. A lecher. A Spanish woman, yelling at her noisy kids. A uniformed guard. You and me. Smiling.

*Everything I have seen in the subway of magical New York.