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They Just Don't Seem to Stop

I got another one from (hehe) Rayshma. And this one is for blogging BFF. 🙂

TYVM, babe. Unfortunately, I am not exactly BFF with anyone else except you. Doesn’t say much about my social capabilities, does it… 😀 And I have no one to really hand it over to, so this award stays with me!


And the winner is….

… me! Yay.


Rayshma (who else right?!!) decided to nominate me for the award based on design (obviously she likes my design, I never change it without her damn approval hmph!) and content (pat on back :D) and I’m so kicked.. Yayyyyyyy!! Thanks babe.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop gloating and get on with it. I’m supposed to nominate 7 blogs for design and content (piece of cake eh? all 7 of my readers get the award… :P) and inform them of their nominations. So here goes (not in any particular order)…

1. Rayshma: Not because she gave me this award and I’m grudgingly giving it back to her. Not because she’ll bully me afterwards. But because hers is pretty much the most fun blog I’ve read ever. And it made me actually want to meet her and stay with her. And her husband is one of the most paavam creatures in the world. 🙂

2. Angelus: Simply because he’s one of the cutest people you’ll ever meet. Just for his Fuse Bhai impression. And his amazing thrill after we took him to watch The Dark Knight. (Alright I know it’s supposed to be for blog design and content but have you met the guy?!!) And he writes very well too, unsurprisingly.

3. LostOnTheStreet: Man, she’s smart, funny and makes me laugh. Some talent, that. And her blog design is very vibrant and changes every now and then because of all the beautiful photographs she puts up. And because a lot of them are of her cute niece.

4. Alice: One of the first people whose blogs I started reading, and have continued to do so regularly. Her stories are wonderfully written, an example being here. A personal friend, she really does deserve this award.

5. SEV: When his posts are not about bashing the iPhone or super intelligent porn stars he writes brilliantly well. Take this, for example. Or this. He always manages to put a smile on my face. He takes utmost care of his blog and does a lot of CSS wizardry to make his blog look ubercool.

6. Preethi: Her personal blog was a recent discovery, but I’ve been following her poetry blog for the longest time. She’s funny and intelligent, her posts while having a touch of humor make up for a great bit of thoughful reading.

7. Pavi: She writes about the tiniest of things in such a way that they become very important. Her enthusiasm and excitement about the little things are what make her blog such an interesting read.

And now I shall gloat some more in front of everyone I meet! Ta!!