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I have not seen the sun in 2 weeks now. In case anyone’s keeping count, gloomy dreary winter days are another thing I officially hate.

I think I’m growing up. I went to a Diwali show here, fearing seeing the one person I have so successfully managed to avoid seeing or thinking about for more than a year. I saw them. And I did not feel or think what I feared. In fact, I felt really confident about going up and talking to them. I would have too, had they not disappeared completely after the show – and had there not been like 2000 people there!

I miss performing on stage. I wish I had some way of knowing that my last performance in school was going to be my last one.

This Diwali had to be the worst one in years. I spent it all alone, battling an unbearable headache, and working through the day. Oh and I ate pizza coz I was too sick to cook something nice.

BTW, do you guys have any suggestions (other than painkillers, which is what I had to ultimately resort to) to get rid of headaches? I tried everything – massages, cold compress, tea, coffee, hot shower – to no avail. Then I took my trusted ibuprofen/paracetamol and took a nap. When I woke up my headache was gone. But I hated having to take a painkiller for a simple headache.

The countdown has begun.


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  1. “I wish I had some way of knowing that my last performance in school was going to be my last one.”

    Countdown for what? I’m not going to say what I think its for. Its almost too easy.

  2. Last performance? You mean you are not gonna gate crash my wedding and sing on stage? Wooohoooo!

  3. You know that I am very very proud of you…Don’t you!

  4. I think I’m growing up.
    U sure are.. no mention of porn anywhere in the post!!

    PS: Happy diwali!

    • It is to be noted that I have not commented regarding porn on this post.
      And incidentally, thats what I thought the countdown was for. Your next such post.


  5. stress headache? only thing to do is to get married and get that over with πŸ˜›
    no but seriously….meditation helps a bit. Maybe blogging?

  6. headache remedy? sex helps. but then, you may wanna wait 90 days πŸ˜›
    and may i know why my call was not answered, bitch?!

  7. What a tease! Of course I want to know countdown for what?!?! I have a guess in my mind..but but..want u to say it!:)

    N ..i hope ur feeling better now :(..tho I’m not a fan of meds..sumtimes that’s all works like a charm for headaches..

    N ya..me not like the winter days too… the sun will come out…but only to con you into thinking that its sharing its warmth. UGH!

    U don’t YET know if that was the last performance..there are so many years ahead of you!

    • you will know soon enough about the 90 days. πŸ™‚

      i may perform still – but i won’t be in school anymore.. hopefully. πŸ™‚

  8. Massage the palm part of your thumb.Or rub some amrutanjan/Zandu balm on your fingers and bring them real close to your eyes, it will cause them to water like crazy but you will feel wonderful. Works great in curing the headache for an hour or so. Also, you could cut yourself in the hand using a kitchen knife. The gush of blood from the hand usually takes your mind off the headache. Its called alternative pain therapy. I usually prefer the Zandu balm though.

    • hmm.. maybe using the kitchen knife on satish will work too – i don’t have to cut myself and i’m distracted enough to forget my headache. πŸ˜€

  9. Use vicks or amrutanjan and sleep well that should help…

  10. hey,

    am here after a long time…life and work has been keeping me away from the blog….must also mention farmville…am so totally hooked to that silly game.

    I dont like the idea of you having headaches at all. remedies: drink loads of water when you feel it coming on. Go for a walk if possible. Draw in some really long breaths.
    use something like a tiger balm/amruntanjan…better than those painkillers u have been swallowing.

    I am feeling an undercurrent of subdued pain in your post. I am hoping you are doing ok. I have no idea what the 90 days are for. whatever it is I hope it gives you happiness.

    Take care

    • heyyy… welcome back – you were missed even if i didn’t say so! πŸ™‚

      i try real hard to block everything related to farmville – i’m so annoyed with the damn game – people keep stopping mid-conversation to go ‘my blueberry plants have withered’ and you have NO frikkin’ clue what they’re talking about!

      no pain darling – i mean there used to be, but it’s all gone. and the countdown is for my wedding. πŸ™‚

      • came back to check on u…and man am I glad…

        Bless you darling…have a wonderful time now and always…

        and where is the wedding and with who do share some details…sounds real swell…am so excited for you…wish you were around to give a hug to.

        take care and keep smiling its the the best ornament.

  11. Usually when I have a serious headache its a major hangover from the previous night. Some rest is fine for this though.

    Have been away from chat/blog for quite a while now. Been caught up with work and just preps for the India trip next week. πŸ™‚

  12. Prasanna,

    Hi! Vasant’s cousin here.

    Of the things you’ve tried to get rid of your headache meditation is missing.

    Try it. It “works” πŸ™‚


  13. Hooya! sorry..this could be potentially even more awkward if you have no clue who Vasant is..haha..and you are?

  14. i love this space! and you, of course! even if you don’t post, the comments keep me entertained! πŸ˜€

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