I have opinions. Like it or not.

Two posts. From two very special people. I’m going to let the posts speak for themselves. 🙂


This one is from Rayshma:

if i were to describe G and my fr’ship in one word.. that word would be strange.

it’s strange how we got to know each other. it took alice’s blog for me to discover her existence. then, we realized that we’d lived in the same town for years, but met saat samundar paar.

i’m usually VERY reserved when it comes to personal space. that never seemed to matter with her. she whizzed right past defenses. strange, again.

it’s strange that we exchanged gtalk id’s just a few weeks after we became regulars on each others’ blogs. stranger still, that we chatted for hours daily after that.

it’s strange that she flew down all the way to texas for my bday. stranger still that vin took leave *something neither of us are usually in favor of* to go drop her back to the airport.

it’s strange that she felt like family even though we were meeting for the first time.

it’s strange that if i ever had a younger sister, i’d hope she’d have been exactly like galadriel. a younger, taller, leaner, meaner version of me!

it’s strange how she is an awesome mix of wit and silliness, sarcasm & kindness… maturity & complete madness! strange how she is SO much like my closest pals, and yet, she’s her own unique self!

it’s strange how though she’s younger… i’ve never felt the age gap. okay… maybe that has to do with my IQ levels… but well, i’m writing this… so I can say that it’s coz SHE is wiser than her years!

it’s strange that despite all that closeness, we’ve spoken on the phone 3 or 4 times in over two years.

and it’s totally strange that i should do a post on her blog to wish her a fantastic bday and a great year ahead. esp when i have nothing to write about on mine.
but well, life is stranger than fiction.
and she sure is stranger than her blog-name! 😛
but, life’s like that!

hope you have a wonderful bday. do have an extra slice of cake for me!
love you loads, gurl! MUAH!


This one is from Dewey:

She likes Ravi Verma’s paintings. That was what cinched it for me. Because until then I had (of course) heard about her incessantly from Her Madness and while it roused my curiosity, it took Ravi Verma to make me pipe up and speak to her.

I had intended to write a funny post and entertain her, make it a nice li’l giftie seeing as how it is her birthday and all but I find that a funny post is rather beyond me. It could be that I am an unfunny person but I guess when it really comes down to it, people who you care about can only inspire posts that are true to your feelings to them. So this is me saying I care about you and I want the best for you, all your life.

And so we sing Happy Birthday while Koi Shaque blares in the background, all the while dressed in outrageous 80s bollywood inspired outfits and toast you with Sambhar!

All for the girl who, on reflection, could only be compared to one thing: a Ravi Verma painting 🙂


Thanks girls! Truly made my birthday so so so special. MUAH!!!!


Comments on: "Look what my birthday brought!" (24)

  1. a ravi verma painting with “i love you saiyyoni” as ur theme song. THAT is how unique you are! 😀

    have a great day, gurl! you deserve the best… coz well, you’re worth it! 😀

  2. All for the girl who, on reflection, could only be compared to one thing: a Ravi Verma painting.

    I completely agree.

    Happy birthday G! I want to say something about porn posts, but I’ll lay off. It IS your birthday after all.

  3. Awwww…!

    Wish you a Very Very Happy B’day G! Wishing u sunshine n happiness and love and care and all the things that good days are made of for today, the year ahead and all life long!

    B’day Hugs! God bless


  4. Hey hopped over from DDD…
    Happy birthday!
    I have actually heard A LOT about you from DDD and Rayshma, so didn’t want to skip this chance of saying ‘hi’ and wishing you 🙂
    Have fun 🙂

  5. alice-in-wonder said:

    Wow, that’s so sweet. Happy birthday again, girl . 😉

  6. Happy Bday girl.Indeed very lucky to have ppl write bday posts for you!!:-)
    In honour of your bday,the whole nation decided to take an off-unfortunately no alcohol to raise a toast

  7. :@ LOTS: That’s okay, Sambhar was the designated ‘tipple’ 😀

  8. Hi Galadriel,

    I know I’m late… but phir bhi HAPPY BIRTHDAY! know u thru Rayshma and DDD. Hope u had a nayce budday. 🙂


  9. Happy belated b’day, girl! Another libran, huh?

  10. Happy Bday Dear.. hope you had a wonderful day and had a blast!! 🙂 I have been so bad with blogging these days.. cant believe facebook did not prompt me for your bday 😦 Lovely testimony’s from Rayshma and DDD… you deserve it.. you are a wonderful pal!!

  11. Wow those are such wonderful dedications.. You surely must have enjoyed ur bday gurl 🙂

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