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Assorted Mashup

Alright. It’s been a while. And I’m bored. And I miss all the porn.

What’s been happening? A bunch of things, one of which was this conversation with her royal cattiness.

Reshma: i dared to watch a promo video of love aaj kal today
i don’t think i’ll dare to see the movie
they look like bhai behen
me:    i read “i dared to watch a porno video of love aaj kal today”

Explains why I was itching to get back to blogging, according to her anyway.

Work, of course, goes on. The less said about it the better.

Murphy strikes again. This last weekend I decided that my car was very dirty and needed a wash. So I took it to the car wash, spent 10 bucks on a “premium” wash package. And guess what happens? It rains all week! And not any rains, but thundershowers. Torrential too. Gah.

I’ve decided to make it official. I’m actually engaged. Yeah, I went to India and had a whole ceremony and blah blah blah. I tell you, not the tiniest thing has changed. I’m not treated any special, I do not feel shy when people ask me about ‘the groom‘. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And no, we don’t have a date for the wedding yet, so do NOT bug me. No, I’m not PMSing, this is my natural sunny disposition. Go figure.

Funnily enough, a lot of people who I thought would be happy for me and would congratulate me did not even send me a customary email. Not even a wall post on FB. I wonder what’s up.

Rakhi Ka Swayamvar is THE BEST SHOW ON THE PLANET. And it’s been playing with my fillings. Sorry, emotions. Boohoo!!

Well, that’s about all I have the patience for. See you soon amigos!!


Comments on: "Assorted Mashup" (13)

  1. aww… i am SO happy that my tippanis on how much you were missing ur porn could get u back to blog! 😀

    and erm… i still can’t access “the groom’s” blog! sob sob!

    see, this is how poor ppl like us save money. we don’t take cars to car-washes. we wait. patiently. 🙂

  2. and i LAUVVEEEE this template!!
    and you!

  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

    love the template

  4. Ahem, so I take it you are going to start writing about porn again? Maybe you could write about a reality show for you, G ka swayamwar, where you get to choose you next husband(s) once you’ve decided you’ve grabbed everything you could have from current groom.

  5. G, so if you don’t use the word porn enough you have to write a blog-post now? Hm..
    @Sailesh: Dude, don’t give out ideas for a pornographic swayamvar – I have a feeling Deshmukh keeps an eye on her blog 😛 No I’m not worried she’s going to take you seriously..


    Rakhi and her swayamvar!! LOLZ!!
    It’s funny, fake and good timepass…

    The major question is – will she actually get married on the show?!! 😛

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! N More celebrations! Wishing u two sunshine n butterflies and all that defines a good life!

    Okay..i ll be honest..i knew u had gotten engaged ‘coz I saw a pic/comment on some common friend’s wall. So I was done with raising the eyebrow on that n decided to wait until u chose to break the news to the world!. But ur post..yet had a surprise eye-brow raising element in it… I didn’t see it coming that HE…who I thot was a SHE based on the comments in ur blog was THE LUCKY ONE!

    Aha! Congrats to u both again..n how about tellin us the love story of how u met n all that follows… ?

  8. @Pavi: You thought SEV was a “she” ??? How?!! I’m not sure if I should laugh at that or take offense to it!! 😛
    @Pixie: Thanks babe. Rakhi is non stop entertainment!
    @SEV: Did you hear what Pavi had to say? You think about THAT and stop making comments about my blog. Phhbbt.
    @Sailesh: I will rachao swayamvar if you will be the contestant that says “amaaazing!”.
    @Loca: Thanks a bunch!! 🙂
    @Rayshma: I laauuvvvee you too!!! Muah!

  9. if u’re rachaoing swayamvar… i want to participate too. no discrimination based on sexuality, i say!

  10. alice-in-wonder said:

    Good you’re back. And if you’re counting me as one of those people you’ve mentioned above, I wished the groom. That should do na? 😛

    Still, since you made it official here… Congratulations girl.

    And keep writing. please.

  11. G, if you rachao a swayamwar, I’ll say more than just “amaaazing”. It’ll be worth it being a contestant just to say no to you at the end when I am the only guy left standing!!

    On another note, you now have a completely new angle of porn that you can exploit, courtesy Pavi’s brilliant comment!

  12. 😀 Kungrachulayshuns and all that ya. And I thought we already agreed on your swayamvar thingy?

    Psst, Pavi isn’t very off the mark either consider your relationship status before this :D.

    Love the template, good to have you back propahly… muah!

  13. @alice: i actually wasn’t even thinking of you up there, but now that you mention it…. 😛
    @sailesh: i will NOT keep you until the last round. and pavi’s love angle has been exploited to its fullest on Facebook. 😀
    @ddd: veylcum beck!!!!

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