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My Relationship with Murphy

We have a love-hate relationship. He loves me. I hate him. But his love is so powerful and all-consuming, that I succumb to his advances. All the time.

  • The most common way he expresses his love to most people. Make it rain when I don’t have an umbrella/jacket. But he has a special love for me right? So he will make it snow, just when I decide to wear my expensive wollen coat. All the while convincing weather.com to forecast sunny weather.
  • The second I wear sunglasses, the sky goes overcast. Obviously, the converse has to be true. The second I remove my sunglasses, the sun shines down bright on the world again.
  • If you ever see me standing in a queue for anything, please be sure to NOT stand in that queue. My friends will vouch for this, I’m the official queue-slow-down-er. If there are two queues, they would make me stand in one and go stand in the other, because that queue, by virtue of not having me, would move faster. Even if the person at the counter is a doddering old man with crippling arthritis.
  • When I switch lanes so I can go faster, the lane I switch into automatically clogs up and comes to a standstill. Even if it’s the fast lane and cars in it were zipping by a second ago.
  • Every single examination I have ever taken has seen me sick. And not just cough-cold sick, but fever, sinus, the whole nine yards. And no, it wasn’t stress-related. 😀
  • Any tap I stick my hand under has to malfunction. So here I am, with soapy hands trying to get the damn tap to work and, of course the restroom has to be full so all the other taps are in use.

Of course, I can go on and on. But I don’t want to, lest he thinks I like being showered with his love and decides to crank it up!

What’s your relationship with him like?


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  1. we used to be good. then, he saw u featured as a prominent friend. all downhill from there, i tell ya! 😉

  2. 1. The Printer/Fax has to spew crap only when the print comes from me.
    2. The day I need to get urgently somewhere is the day when there will be a car (with an asian female driver) slowing up the entire lane of which I am at the end of.
    3. Static has to strike when I am the least mindful of it.(I even get shocks sometimes if a fingernail touches me from the other person.)
    4. I will invariably end up standing in a queue which has a person like you ahead of me. 🙂
    5. The free candy bowl at work will only contain Reese’s peanut butter cups when I reach there.(I HATE PB btw.)
    6. My boss has to come looking for me at my desk at the exact same moment when I have gone to restroom, and later say that I should be at my desk more often.(and not slack off.)

    and all of the above has happened today.

  3. 1. Boss turning up with you are blogging or reading blogs.
    2. The weather like u have mentioned.

    Will think of more later and post them! 😀

  4. Lovely !! he he he …

  5. The Mumbai version of Murphy:

    1. After having scraped my way through my morning rituals and not spending even a single extra second, a minor traffic jam near the railway station sees my train gentle pull away from the platform leaving me stranded.

    2. So many people ate from the same batch of vada pav I did and I am the only one to end up with the stomach upset.

    3. I turn up in office gloating over the fact that its going to be a light day and the next instant my CEO announces the impending arrival of our AsiaPac CEO the next day and a detailed review presentation has to be made by yours truly.

    4. I have a free day and decide to watch a good movie and NONE, I repeat NONE of my friends are free to watch it with me.

    5. I order my dream Blackberry phone online at an amazing price and very soon it is evident that all other models except the one I wanted are in stock. Ultimately I have to end up up cancelling the order in frustration.

    Well many more I guess but don’t want to end up feeling sorry for myself. LOL……

  6. So you are the only holding up all queues where I stand..
    Also,all official counters close just 2 minutes before its my turn.
    If I need any important document from a government office,inevitably it will be on a friday evening and the next monday will be a official holiday.
    when I am ready to party,everybody knee deep in work-and vice versa.

  7. Every single one of the electronics I have ordered in the last month has turned out defective/not as described, including 1 handsfree, 1 cooling pad and ear covers.

  8. 1. Traffic on every other lane moves faster
    2. Library book is due on the day I am busy
    3. Run out of coffee, milk, eggs on a similar busy day.

  9. Rajlakshmi said:

    hahaha 🙂
    you hv described the exact relation I share with him..
    when Im waiting for an auto in a queue… the person right in front of me will make it full… and the next auto will take ages to come 🙂

  10. being a regular here… i need to read replies to comments. or new piece to comment on.

  11. Murphy and I are thick friends.. he never leaves my side.. now I am upset he keeps turning up near you too!

  12. why does my phhhbbttt look like i’m grinning???
    nobody loves their blog readers anymore. me shall go, sulk.

  13. nobody here loves me. i go off. and no come back here!

  14. This is such an awesome list! n I wonder why most ppl feel their murphy’s fav child 😉

  15. Heh…
    I’m convinced he’s stalking me. I’ve even mentioned that I’m his guinea pig for different strains of his law.

    Want to form a group and petition to have a restraining order on him?

  16. alice-in-wonder said:

    you on a sabbatical too?

  17. @all: glad to know i’m not alone in this! 😛
    @crazydiamond: what makes you think he won’t stalk us to the courthouse and make the judge sneeze on our petition or something?

  18. @rayshma: i lauuuuuvvvveeeee you!!!!!!

  19. hi galadriel. Am new here… stumbled upon ur blog & read up this article. And it made me think of the movie ‘Just My Luck’! Guess u need to kiss the right guy! Hehe…

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