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The Other 6

So, since the feline has been purring, meowing, snarling and is on the verge of scratching my eyes out I have decided to toe the line and do the 6 pix tag.

The folder is called 2008-01 (what, you thought I wouldn’t follow an organized naming convention for all my folders??) and the photo is this. This was taken on my last India trip and my cutie pie cousin was playing with my camera and ended up taking a photo of his tiny little feet. I miss him so. 😦


There. Done! And I tag..Pavi and Pinku. Take it up girls and do The Lady of Lorien proud. Muah!


Comments on: "The Other 6" (10)

  1. what all i have to do to make u do a tag! difficult to believe you once snarled at me for not tagging u! 😀

  2. Thats one talented photographer. There are deeper meanings to that pic.. or am I just thinking too much?

  3. 2008-01? I knew you were highly organized, didn’t know you were creative as well!

  4. Phinally! 😀 Gotta nag you to do a tag eh? 😛 And seriously, you snarled at not being tagged?! ReallY? 😀

    @ SEV: You’ve made me take up that line of thought now haha!

  5. nice… 😀

    the flooring reminds me so much of the flooring at home in Mysore 😀

  6. So cute! i actually can u’stand how much u mabbe missing the kid!

    Thanks for taggin me…haven’t blogged in a while…n this is a good xcuse.

  7. @ dewdrop: yeah.. she threw a tantrum coz i hadn’t tagged her to do some ridiculous tag! 😀 we, then, got tag-married. and now she tries to shy away from doing them tags!

  8. doing house cleaning -cleaning up the blog that is.Finally blogrolled u and reshma (who for some reason keeps changing her spelling, i know not why).
    I will waste 10 min hunting your blogs every second day,but not blogroll.shows how lazy I am na

  9. @lots: heh. well at least you now put convenience over laziness. commendable!
    @rayshma: i only shy away because i’m so in awe of your tags that i don’t want to be your successor. didn’t buy it did ya? didn’t think you would. 😛
    @Pavi: he’s a right little doll. well, do the tag already!
    @Pixie: it’s standard mosaic flooring. anyone who grew up in the 80s will recognize it. 🙂
    @dewdrop: yeah, that was back in a time when my blog had little to show for content. 😛
    @Sailesh: it saves me the effort of coming up with random folder names.
    @SEV: don’t think too much. he’s a kid. leave his innocence be.

  10. I was so inspired by this pic… i have taken the pic of my feet too! 😀

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