I have opinions. Like it or not.

Hello world! It has been a while since I posted. Work has been very demanding and I don’t get the time to blog from work as I used to. Other things have been happening, I will tell you one day, when I am ready. But as I was talking to Dewdrop yesterday I realized that there are some things about me that I wouldn’t want to change. And so, today, for the first time ever, I have decided that I will go all out and tell you guys things that I like about myself. Things that make me proud of who I am. To give credit where it is due, I lifted this off here.

  • I have a razor sharp mind and a wit to go with it. Sarcasm and a caustic tongue are the natural by-products of such a disposition. I am capable of very profound thought. I am also frank to the point of brutality. Put all that together, and you’ve got in me the best friend you can ever ask for.
  • I am fiercely critical of myself and I cannot accept things people say about me unless I am sure that if I were appraising me I would be saying the same things. This makes me my best and worst critic, except not best so really only my worst critic. This also makes me come across as very modest. 😛
  • There is very little happening around me that I am unaware of. I observe and assimilate everything that I experience. I also usually don’t let on about how acutely observant I am.
  • I have the ability to break things down – problems, circumstances, feelings – anything and analyze right down to the tiniest detail. I also have the ability to dichotomize. I can objectively separate out things that tend to get muddled up -the heart and the mind, especially.
  • I achieve what I want. I am capable of pushing myself to the limits. And then extending my limits some more. Consequently, I always end things on my own terms.
  • I am very good company, irrespective of my personal mood. I am fun, I have a sense of humor and if nothing else, I can make you laugh for the time that you are with me. I am also one of the few people I know who would never expect you to stop having a good time just because I am indisposed.
  • I am very adaptive and I can survive anywhere. I also learnt at a very young age how to be self sufficient so living away from family was not a problem for me. I am very efficient and can multi-task exceedingly well.
  • I have nice eyes. They’re always full of warmth and affection and will always twinkle when I see you (if I like you that is). You will always know what I’m thinking by looking into my eyes, quite literally the mirror to my soul. I also have long artistic fingers. And a winning smile.
  • I have no illusions about my looks. I am not beautiful. I am what most people would call attractive. And I know how to wear clothes that flatter my athletic build. I stand taller than many women at 5’6″ and so I stand out. If you see me somewhere, you would do a double take. I also have very clear skin (touchwood).

Wow, that felt good! And I could have gone on for a bit, but I think I need to stop.

Now, don’t throw stones at me if you really know me. *ducks out of sight until next post*


Comments on: "Me, me , me and.. you guessed it.. more me!!" (14)

  1. i lauve you!!! 🙂
    despite the fact that i know you. kind of. kind of know you, that is. 😀


  2. This is a conspiracy. You both post soon as i leave 😦 still… You are very precious to me… All traits accounted for hehe. I lauves the you! P.s: using phone to check and comment. How awesome is that?! 😀


  3. 😀

    heh! i’m gonna do this too… feels sooo.. good to say nice things abt oneself too!
    I can account for some of them I guess, remaining – looking forward to knowing them! 🙂

    and i’m looking forward to yours 🙂

  4. To repeat: You do realize that these are pretty much the reasons I love you. And you are beautiful, even if you don’t think so yourself.

    I wish you had listed things you don’t like about yourself 😛 Now that would have been a useful list to have 😀 “You have a terrible [insert quality]. I’m not saying this, you said it!”

    Incidentally, FYI, it can be scary how independent and observant you are 😛

    thanks m’boy!
    and that’s precisely why there will never be a post like that.
    aww.. poor baby… don’t be scared!!

  5. How modest 😉

    On a serious note..its awesome that u know wat ur loved for…or atleast wat u should be loved for:) n a trait i realllllie appreciate is the one abt being good company irrespective of ur frame of mind!

    And Well..i dont know u..AT all..xcept thru ur blogs so cant add to the list..

    well, you know what to do if you want to know me right? move your ocular lobes (to quote the great KA) 30 degrees to the right!

  6. wow…supergal…n i’ll second pt 6.(good company) 😀

    right back at ya, dumb charades boy…

  7. Yay cool! You go gurl!
    We have a lot in common I see.

    looking forward to learning how much in common we have. 🙂

  8. Nice post. I am beginning to wonder what your sun sign is. Hate to be there but I would write those exact points myself. Plus, the fact that I am fountain of useless trivia. I’d leave out the eyes bit may be. I am not sure if I associate any temperature with mine..

    why ‘hate to be there’? i’m actually a libran, but i do have a lot in common with a lot of smart/nice folks, if i may say so myself! 😛

  9. and now she ducks away and ignores her fans. hmph!
    taureau – she’s not ur sun sign! 😀
    but from what i know of u… she’s equally crazy! 😀

  10. you only moderate MY comments!
    i’m gonna boycott this space!

    how’d the previous one get approved then??? you must be messing up something every time you comment. boo!

  11. Blog bitch! Miss your yakking.

  12. Whew!!! I must try this sometime..But it might have the opposite effect when I realise there are very few good things about me..:-(.But a really refreshing post

    Heh, don’t say that. If you don’t I’ll do a ‘things I like about LOTS’ post!

  13. Wow!!! You know what? Whatever I know of you is through your blog and even then, this is exactly the “you” I’d imagined you’d be. While this may have been a refreshing experience for you, it also gave me the opportunity to get to know you better!!! You seem to be a great pal to have in someone’s life!!!

    *blushing profusely* thanks Sachin. That is one of the sweetest things anyone’s said to me. I do hope I get to know you in the same rein, though I know enough to adore you! How’s the baby?

  14. And my comment can’t end without my adding that you deserve to have the same kind of friends yourself!

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