I have opinions. Like it or not.

In all ways 2008 has been a most eventful year for me. 2007 was seen spent as a student, coping with the realities of having chosen a less-trodden path and paying for it. 2008 drove home the realization stronger than ever. Decisions were made, by me and for me. Decisions that shaped my life and my future. Decisions that, for the first time ever, were made based on the people around me. I saw my life peak through tremendous joy in the beginning. Things were looking up and the wheels were being set in motion, amidst much opposition from my closest of kin.

But in my heart of hearts I somehow always knew that this wasn’t my calling. I knew that there was something amiss in the grand scheme of things and the fact that I was planning my life around a somewhat exhaustive and demanding journey that I was about to set on not only scared me, but also made me question everything I had known to believe about myself. Whether I was capable was beyond doubt. A profound analysis of this phase led me to weigh out the cause-and-effect relationship of some of the events over the past 2 years. I went on to question every single decision I had made, taking into consideration every person that was affected by my decisions and the repercussions of any decisions I made now, and how they would all affect the people in my life from now on into the future. Much opinion-taking and giving was indulged in; many friends came in and offered sound advice. I appreciated their involvement and valued each of their opinions. Whether I agreed with them or not, it helped in that it made me see why I needed to go through with this and served to solidify the basis of my current decision. I stood my ground firmly and went ahead to take the plunge. What followed were 4 months of frustration and a forced “sabbatical” from doing many of my favorite things, blogging included.

2008 also heightened my insecurities. My moments of self doubt became longer-lasting. I questioned everything and everyone, hurting people closest to me. But I have slowly learned how to overcome my insecurities and although I may not have gotten rid of them completely, I have definitely managed to successfully push them to the back of my mind where they lie, now dormant. They surface now and then but I know how to deal with them. To this end I have only person to thank for and I think they know I’m talking about them. If you hadn’t been so supportive and understanding, I doubt if I could have made it this far.

I have moved 3 times this year and I am hoping I won’t have to move again in the next year or so. I have a new life here and I am loving it. There is of course a fly in this soup. Something that I have slowly learned to deal with, but each time it only gets progressively harder. Like everything else, I will work around it.

And of course, I have to mention how much blogging has helped. I have made some truly awesome friends here and I wouldn’t change a single thing in 2008 just because of this. Prashanth and I developed quite a bond and he became my support system through my times of frustration. Of course, it helped that we were kinda going through the same thing. DDD is another such friend. I traveled to TX and met Rayshma and her husband. And I had some really good times with them. She is now one of my closest friends and I am looking forward to many more years of such madness with her. Love you babe!

And of course, I have no idea what I’m doing for New Years Eve and I really really want to wear this pretty dress I bought so I need to figure out something real quick. Or maybe I’ll just open a bag of microwave popcorn (97% fat free butter) and watch a movie. Sheesh, I really need a life.

To conclude, I hope you guys had a fantastic 2008 and you will have an even more fantabulous 2009. Please keep updating your blogs regularly and continue to read my randomness with equal vigor. Love you all. Muah!


Comments on: "There’s a sad sort of clanging in the air" (13)

  1. There’s an old saying: ‘There are always flies in soups.’
    Its not a great saying, but it seems particularly apt for now.

    Here’s hoping the New Year involves more than fat-free popcorn and movies for you 🙂

  2. Hey Galadriel…

    Pat on ur back for leadin ur life..i think all of us deserve this pat at one time or the other ..coz all our lives get hard at some point. We all tend to wait for wat we think is a BIG achievement forgetting that living life is the biggest one!
    Here’s wishin u plenty of happiness n joy n success n great friendships in the coming year!


  3. u know what… a movie, popcorn and apple juice sounds like a fab idea to ring in the new year.
    really really wish you have a fantastic 2009, babes. louve u a lot!

    thanks for being there, gurl. u have no clue how much it means to me that u’ve been there for me. thru everything.

  4. You are an amazing person and a beautiful human being 🙂
    Here’s wishing you all the joy and happiness and love you so richly deserve and for a prosperous New Year!

    Happy New Year Babe! Muah! 🙂 🙂

  5. hey happy new year!! and u moved 3 times.lucky u 🙂 am stuck in the same ol place

  6. Decisions …decisions…but for this adult life would have been perfect. Isn’t it? While growing up we imagine adult life as the time for freedom and fun, its only when we grow up that the hammer of ‘decision making’ hits us.

    Congrats for having the courage to move on when you realised that things werent quite as hunky dory as they should be.

    2009 will bring you peace and fun…and I really do hope you had a chance to wear that nice dress and go out on New Year’s eve.

  7. Happy new year!
    nice template, nice blog
    I’ll be back again later- when I am not so rushed!

  8. to friends!!! something for you at my blog

  9. You have been awarded again! 🙂
    Please pick it up…

  10. Life is full of decisions to be made and its totally left to us make them and then live with them. So cheers to you for doing that when you needed to. No use dwelling on the past and marring your present and future. You’re a very “thinking” kind of person and am sure things will only be good for you! So chill and move ahead. 2009 is going to be great!!! 🙂

  11. @SEV: V. Funny. Thank you and I hope yours was more interesting too. 😛
    @Pavi: Thanks babe. 🙂 Happy new year!
    @Reshma: I lauve you too bitch. Now do the awards and the tag!
    @Pixie: Thanks babe. I had emailed you once but you never replied. If you want to get to know me better you can email me at galadriel@severeanomaly.org. And thanks for the new awards. Will do them as well. 🙂
    @LOTS: Heh, good for you. At least you weren’t unemployed. 🙂
    @pinku: I did not get to wear the dress but I did have awesome fun on New Year’s Eve. 🙂
    @La Vida Loca: Happy new year! Hope to see you around more. May we blogroll you?
    @Preethi: Thanks I saw it. Will do it asap. 🙂
    @Sachin: Thanks man. Coming from you, it means a lot. 🙂 Have an awesome year yourself.

  12. Please to be doing so! I will do the same thing 🙂
    thank u

  13. net not working. have lots to blog. will do it once the issues are sorted. what awards???

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