I have opinions. Like it or not.

The next time

someone asks me what I have done with my life, I actually have something to say back to them: I have had a peer-reviewed journal publication within 2 years of my Masters, what have YOU done?


Comments on: "The next time" (6)

  1. Right, so what have you done again?

  2. hehe… that sounds like the ‘mere paas maa hai’ dialogue 😀

  3. hey!!! loosen up…its the festive season….and you are suppossed to spread good cheer….

    Merry Christmas!!!

    btw you may add I have made friends for life through my blog on that list of accomplishments….

  4. i doubt this is the ONE thing u’ve done in ur rather long-ish life so far! 😛

  5. @SEV: My feelings exactly. 😀
    @Reshma: Who said it’s the ONE thing? It’s one of the things I’ve done.
    @pinku: Babe.. chill.. I wasn’t being surly or testy. I was just telling you guys that I actually have a publication out of my thesis. Me, of all the people trying to spread bad cheer? Really? I’m a little hurt if you ask me. 😦
    @Alice: It’s actually from a line in Friends. Joey acts with Charlton Heston and his reply to his father is similar to that line. 🙂
    @Sailesh: Ha-ha!

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