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Mere paas dimag hai

Maybe ETS can do away with the GRE and convert all exam centers into.. ahem.. sample collection centers?


Comments on: "Mere paas dimag hai" (5)

  1. and i can heave a sigh of relief. at least i married right! now my hitherto-unconceived child will have a hope in hell of being bright.
    u sure i won’t ruin the schances by raising the kid myself??

  2. Wat all they have time to research on..!!!!

  3. pavi: what all this woman links up… and what all i comment on so dedicatedly. talk of employed unemployment!

  4. Hi G-how are you doing??its been a long time since i visited your blog…hope things are fine at your end..

  5. @rayshma: the kid will be bright alright. it will also have killer survival instincts, considering it has you for a mom.
    @pavi: heh, well now you know why you married an intelligent man, don’t you? 😛
    @Lavs: Hi! I’m good, I was thinking about you just yesterday. How’re you? and how’s Li’l Buddha? 🙂

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