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Random Update Time

Alright I know I have been silent for a while, I have nothing to say about the events of last week. Others, people smarter than me, have said more and better things and I cannot do anything sitting here except nod and seethe and fume. I know that’s lame and if I need to see change I should do something myself yada yada yada. Hence I shall choose to remain silent.

I had an awesome Thanksgiving break. Except for the ominous shadow of the Mumbai massacre, I was happy to be back. I felt at home and at peace with myself. After a long time. And for once, I did not want to leave and come back to my life here. I miss being amongst the people I have grown with in the last 2 years. I was happy to know that they haven’t changed at all and neither have I. We’ve all been through a lot together and as individuals and the change is telling. *Edited to add:- Clarification after reading Pavi’s comment: I did NOT go to India, I went to NJ, where I went to school for my Masters. Little India, if I may :D*

I managed to eat at all the places I wanted to except for one. I realized that Indian food has so much variety that you can never be satisfied with eating just one type. And for a vegetarian, Indian food offers the most options to choose from.

I watched Yuvvraj. I cannot put down in words the pain that is watching the movie. And for people who dare to compare Rahman with Viju Shah, I have the choicest set of expletives in store for you. You and me, outside. And by outside I mean email.

I was listening to some of Shreya Ghoshal’s older tracks and I realized how much her voice has changed over the years. Her voice has acquired a wonderful, ethereal quality now that was absent before. While her singing dripped with the innocence of her age earlier, now she sings with a maturity far beyond her years. That girl is gonna go places, mark my words.

Ooh and best of all, I got my MS degree certificate!!! Yipppeeeeee. I now actually have a Masters degree. All these days I was secretly kinda scared that something might go wrong at the last minute and I’d get a mail saying ‘We’re sorry you have to complete a gazillion more credits, we can’t give you your degree’ or something to that effect. But I didn’t and I actually got the certificate! Yayy me.

The madness is returning! And no I’m not linking anything because then people start accusing me of looking for an excuse to mention them in every post of mine. So there.

Alright, my boss is going to throw me out for blogging at work so I better start pretending to be working real quick. Ciao!


Comments on: "Random Update Time" (9)

  1. CONGRATS on completing ur masters! yippe!

    n u went to India on vaccation ..woooooow! Must have been fun times! n doesn’t it feel so good to know that some people n things will never ever change!

    I have taken the same approach as far as bloggin abt the Mumbai attack goes.. People are saying it wonderfullly..n i know i cant say it better!

  2. You corporate bloggers.. jobless people.. not at all like us extremely busy PhD types.

    Pavi, if she managed to go to India for 4 days over Thanksgiving.. that would have been.. #@%$#@^%&#%$^@!$#@%$#%, to put it nicely.

  3. a. if u’re referring to me, when u say “the madness is returning”… let me tell u. there are still 18 days left for me to reach the country of thy residence.
    b. wasn’t viju shah the one who composed the timeless classic of “tu cheez badi hai mast mast”? WHO compared anyone to HIM?
    c. CONGRATSSS!!! now u’re officially Mistress of the Oceans.
    d. next time u want to watch a movie that i’ve been made to watch – ASK me if u shud. i could save you the horror.

    @SEV: ur comment almost motivated me to do a post on you PhD types.

  4. hey!!

    glad you had a nice thanksgiving….nicer still to see your composure and peace of mind returning.

    As for that feeling about the Masters degree…I felt like that too…so much so that I didnt even go back to claim mine till a friend insisted that i write out a letter and he went and got it for me….was so relieved to see it.


  5. @Sev : I actually know a guy who did that! Will convey wat u feel abt it to him :)..n i felt the same way ya!

  6. Whatever happened to corporate policy??? I hope you did mean Raysh when you said “madness is returning”!!!

  7. preethi… why would u “hope” that i’m referred to as “madness”??
    gosh! i need an image revamp.

  8. Congrats on the Degree!! 🙂

  9. Should i congratulate u on the masters degree or on getting the certificate…oh i so wish i could blog from office too 😦

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