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6 6 6 The Number of The Beast

SEV tagged me to write 6 random things about me. Here they are. Go read his blog for the rules. And I’m tagging the usual suspects – Rayshma, DDD, Preethi, Pixie.

– I cannot go to bed leaving dishes in the sink overnight. Now that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to you. Do you know me but at all?

– I always bite the nail on my right hand thumb before anything important. Usually, it’s before exams and I bite the nail off so deep that I invariably end up with a painful right hand especially when I need it to be most wieldy.

– I have a flair for languages. I taught myself how to read and write Tamil, since I was never educated in Chennai, so it wasn’t part of my school curriculum. I can speak at least as good, if not better Marathi than my Maharashtrian counterparts. Raj Thackeray, back off!! I can understand and read Kannada, I took French for about 2 years in junior college (yeah, I think I even topped the class in the subject, but don’t ask me anything now, I don’t even remember un peu).

– I always work my butt off to get what I want, and when I have it, I throw it away, knowing that the thrill was in proving that I could do it. It makes me end things on my terms, and walk away while I’m at the top.

– I need my bath water to be searing hot. I leave the cold shower knob almost unturned. Even in the summer.

– I have excessively dry skin. I needed to moisturize when I was in India, even during the summer. After coming here I moisturize twice a day in the summer with an intensive care lotion and during the winter I use baby oil (also twice a day).

Ok, you guys. I’m at work so I couldn’t link you up. Will do when I get home.


Comments on: "6 6 6 The Number of The Beast" (16)

  1. 6 things, eh? my list will be all goodie goodie tho. coz as u and all ur reader SHOULD know.. i have no bad random things abt me! πŸ˜€
    except for being frands with u.

  2. tag done. do i get a prize for being first. or most random???

  3. only 6??!! Will do it now… πŸ™‚

  4. There! done!! πŸ™‚

  5. See, you need to bathe in searing hot water, and you have excessively dry skin. See any connections? πŸ™‚

    BTW, that language thingie is a great gift! Lemme know when yo uswitch to Bengali!

  6. great random facts… dishes in the sink.. and water searing hot… sounds like me .. but I am more moderate πŸ˜‰ flair for languages!! wow what a gift!!! I am the antidote for that .. I am so bad at languages.. I have spoken Tamil all my life and still make mistakes!! same is the case with English!! uff!!!

  7. will get to the tag soon… given my block et al.. this should give me something to write about!!

  8. woow..very impressive..thts so many languages indeed!

    n hmm.the VERY dry skin mabbe coz of the super-hot shower gurl..babay oil..AWW!

    BTW..has been a while since u’ve dropped into my place..wats up?Super busy? Hope everything is fine n good at ur end! Happy Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

  9. hot water bath = dry skin..ask me about it 😦 and even i tried my hand at french..as of now know assamese,hindi (forgive the accent),english,bengali,nepali

  10. Ummm… dry skin is because of that scalding water you love to bathe in. Thoda limit medem!

    Thenkoo for tagging, will do jaldi hi!

  11. Nice one!!! Good to know you can speak and understand so many languages. You should take it from there and build some kind of record if possible. πŸ™‚


  12. what have i won????

  13. yeah yeah… now ignore me.
    jaoo.. main nahi khelti!

  14. Dry skin and bitten fingers.. yuck?

  15. @SEV: My blog, my post, and you’re insulting ME? You might ask why I didn’t delete the comment and I want to have a better reason than comment count, but….
    @rayshma: OMG girl, how many times have I told you, increase comment count in a discreet manner? Ab no prize.
    @Sachin: Yeah, I wish. Current agenda: learn gulti, because otherwise I can’t talk to my colleagues.
    @DDD: Kahan kiya? Abhi tak to nahi dikha. Jao tumse mai katti hu. Also plz refer to bottom comment-reply for dry skin explanation.
    @LOTS: I don’t think so, I only started taking those ultra hot showers after I came to the US and I have had dry skin since I can remember. And I do remember because my mom used to chase me around the house threatening to apply butter on my arms and legs. Talk about childhood abuse, hmph!
    @Pavi: Refer above for dry skin. Aww babes, of course I come by your blog. But you pose such intellectual questions that I am stumped for answers myself. πŸ™‚
    @Preethi: I do not knwo what moderation is, that has always been my problem. Maybe I should have put that up there as well. πŸ˜›
    @Sudipta: Refer above for dry skin. Babu moshay all I know in Bengali is the usual bhalo bhashi stuff. πŸ˜€ Why don’t you teach me Bengali?
    @Pixie: I saw it girl. You could have added as many as you wanted!

  16. what is the word “discreet” to be meaning?
    i thought u wanted to increase comment count. so i’m helping in the way i can. πŸ˜›
    and i want prize!!!!!

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