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The people we have become

I read about this today. And then I remembered this. For all the tall claims we make of making new friends on blogs and social networking sites, it is a pity that such incidents should occur. And people, blog pals, friends, neighbors even, instead of stopping them, should actually encourage such things. What have we become? Have we started losing all the traits that were so innately human? Have we lost the ability to feel someone else’s pain? The feelings of compassion and sympathy that make us human beings, the ability to think, to sense, have we suddenly started losing them all? Is this the next stage of evolution? To me it seems like we are going back a step and becoming more animal.

Not one person watching the boy had the sense to alert someone? His family didn’t realize that he was depressed? No one in Megan’s household noticed that she was going through emotional stress? Have we all lost the ability to perceive danger? What happened to the so-called animal instinct? If animals can do it, and humans can’t what does that make us? And how is this different from photographers and news reporters who care more for their story than the suffering happening in front of them? We condemn such people don’t we?

Years and years ago, just after the Godhra incident, I saw a photograph in the newspaper of a woman having hung herself with her brother calling up their relatives to inform them about the incident, despair writ all over his face. That photograph won the Ramnath Goenka award for best photograph or something. The photographer stood next to the f(r)amed photo, with a smirk on his face after having received the award.  I remember thinking then, if I were that woman’s brother  would I have wanted this moment of my life, this instant of death and desertion to be immortalized in a photograph forever? And I am not even getting started on all the publicity the family must have had to endure, making a mockery of their daughter’s death? What I remember most is this gut-clenching feeling in my insides, a feeling of sinking hope that the world is really not getting better and people are not helping either. Reading about these events brought that same feeling back. Is that a silver lining? To know that I still feel?

Abraham Biggs didn’t kill himself. He was murdered. RIP.

P.S: On a much, MUCH lighter note, this website thinks I’m male. I don’t know how that’s a lighter note, but whatever.

Edited to add: Before I wrote this post they thought I was 62% male. I wonder what that means.


Comments on: "The people we have become" (7)

  1. Mine was rated 54% male- pretty gender neutral..watever that is supposed to mean.Happy you are back!

  2. oh no…i hadn;t heard of any of these stories u’ve mentioned..they are heartwrenching n depressing…its scary how inhumane some humans are!
    ur rite Briggs was killed ,he did not commit suicide.He could have been saved 😐

    n thnx for that genderanalyzer link..it did make me smile..n it thinks 1’m 50% female! 😀

  3. Mine was 63% male.. and my poetry site was 97% male!! haah!
    As for your post.. social conciousness is something that has gone utterly lacking in the human community at large.. let alone the blogging world! We see examples on tv everyday.. a mother eggs her teen daughter to wrestle a friend while 100’s watch on! And someone calmly video tapes it for the world! Last week we watched in absolute horror on youtube a caste clash in a law university in southern India. Police and people alike watch students getting beaten to pulp! Makes you wonder what the world is coming to..

  4. 😦 Very sad stories. And what the eff were the people watching the webcam thinking?!

    BTW, moi 70% male on my blog. I need to swear a little more 😛

  5. that news was sad….its true we are turning into something worse than animals…we kill for pleasure, we treat death as a sport.

    The fact that you put it up on your blog and it shook you up…shows that you are still human …relax.

  6. u are WHAT???
    no wonder u’re ogling at my “woman” friends!

    yeah, read the news. but i guess i’m a tad late here. u’d blocked me?? EH?? why didn’t i get the update???

  7. took the test. my blog is written by someone who’s 86% woman.

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