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Big Bang Baby!

Alright, alright. After a considerable hiatus, I’m back at last. Well, in my defense, I have been caught up in a variety of things ranging from frustration/depression due to unemployment (don’t believe me? Ask DDD and Rayshma, they’ve been at the receiving end of my gamut of negative emotions) to enjoying this amazing good-for-nothing feeling. Also, big big BIG (alright before you get any ideas) writer’s block. I can’t figure out what I want to write about. Everything I wanna say seems to be turning into this humongous rant that I don’t feel like putting it to black and white. But then that’s exactly what I’m doing now, because if I don’t I’ll lose even the 7-member readership I currently enjoy.

Btw, to all you people who were in the same city/state as the hurricane/bomb blasts, I hope all of you are ok and you suffered minimal or negligible losses. And I hope none of you staged the bl**ts coz if you did you’re bad bad people and your pictures are out and we’re right on your heels baby (of course by we I don’t mean me and my immediate peers, I just mean the general good, anti-evil side).

So we attended this show organized by the Indian Students’ Association. And, no offense, the only part I enjoyed was when I jumped the line to exercise my highly useful ex-committee member status to nick bhel-puri and aloo papdi chaat. The masala chai during our tenure was better, in case the current committee is listening. Ohh and does anyone know how to sue your juniors for plagiarizing the Mahabharat spoof word-for-word from your time?

While we’re on that subject, what is with the pseudo ooh-I’m-so-american act of showing up in jeans and a t-shirt/spaghetti for a show by the ISA? Isn’t it like an unsaid dress code to dress like you have some remote association with your home country? It’s not like we’re asking you to get bedecked in bridal finery, even a damn kurti would do just fine. Or are we all just morons who wear Indian clothes to Indian events while clearly comfort casual western wear is the order of the day. Why didn’t we think of that before???

You know what I hate about the chat-sms (ooh, text-message, I’m American. NOT.) age? It’s this whole unwarranted shortening of the English language. Of course, why would you type two whole extra letters when you can do with typing just ‘u’? It makes the same sound doesn’t it? Saves you a LOAD of work. And what is WITH people saying bubye? Is that someone with a bubble for an eye? Ok, really really bad joke, bt u gt wt m sayng dnt u? (Did I get that right? Was there one consonant too many in that skillful saving of text characters? Is that gonna cost me 10ps more now? Damn.)

And that reminds me, what is with people messaging you on gtalk and then saying brb? I mean, if you’re going to ‘be right back’ why say hi in the first place? Why don’t you just slide over the hi and just get to the brb? That way I’ll certainly notice you, but I won’t bug you with asking mundane questions and exchanging customary greetings while you’re being ‘right back’. But you’re there. You’re just too busy to continue a conversation you started. QED.

Have you heard Hariharan perform stage shows? Ze Bee showed me this video of what rape really is.(Yep, you got it right, I only recently realized that you can embed youtube videos instead of linking them up, so I’m on a roll!) Of course, one shouldn’t just blame Hariharan, Mr. Mahadevan is equally guilty of abetting the main perpetrator. But SM usually doesn’t sing in his stage shows, he does get away with lip syncing and he usually ends up giving a reasonably good performance by the sheer virtue of NOT singing. It is egotistical (egoistical? I can never tell) musicians like Hariharan Saar who take it upon themselves to conduct seminar series on ‘How to murder original compositions and alienate your fans’ in the form of stage shows who give lousy performances.

And, of course, I forgot about the people who claim to love blogging passionately and don’t update blogs for weeks together. I would like to sincerely apologize on behalf of all these irresponsible peoples. I will talk to them and make sure this doesn’t happen again. You have my word. I promise.

Untl d nxt pst,

Bubye, tc, gn, nm, ttul, and whatever other ridiculous combination of letters you can think of,



Comments on: "Big Bang Baby!" (17)

  1. hey!

    sms text which fail to make sense and make me feel very not with the times are a pet peeve with me too…so am glad you are joining the gang.

    As for the juniors picking up the spoof from ‘your time’ you must understand its an Indian tradition to follow your seniors footsteps…those guys are just sticking to their roots…you really should appreciate the effort. 🙂

    Glad to see you in a better mood.

  2. First off, what goes around, comes around… good fortune is doing rounds and will vistit you shortly. Chin up! 🙂

    And I hate smsese. It drives me nuts when people use it more than required. It makes me ask them if they’re illiterate or grew up in some alien place where short forms are the norm of talking. It makes me want to demand of them if they even know what those shortn forms are anyway, if they know the original words. Smsese makes my head ache. I hate smsese with a passion. gah! You can tell I’m not a phone person 😀

    Thenkoo phor updayting, bhee shaal look phorwhard thoo mhore phosts! 😐

  3. hahahahaha!!! This was a humungous rant for sure.. but good laughs!!
    the sms language drives me nuts too… will make a post on that soon.. you have given me a great blogging idea (so now I can just prevent falling into the category described in your last lines… atleast for now). As for western wear to Indian gatherings.. I am guilty as charged! My excuse is that I usually combine a half a dozen things and its just more convenient to turn up in jeans and t-shirt. Also I did not own a decent Kurtha till recently. And ever since I replenished my wardrobe no one wants to invite me to Indian gatherings 😦

  4. Hehhehe..this post had fun elements..so good come back post gurl 🙂

    BTW..I’m sorry…i use those short forms…U must have noticed in my posts as well as comments…infact did u write this with me in mind??? I’m sorry, i know n agree its irritating..I’m working on improving!

    n i know..the western outfits in desi events…kinda bug me as well..really wat are they tryin to prove?!

  5. okay. as promised. my comment in bullet points. but since i don’t know how to get bullets here, i shall stick to random paragraphing. if that’s not a word… LIVE WITH IT! 😛

    – u were on a hiatus?? why did i feel like u were always around? *that’s a good thing, btw.*
    – i couldn’t have staged the hurricane. so there. i’m safe.
    – my habit of not thinking beyond food has got to u. RIP.
    – there is no such unsaid rule. except in ur head. u were what u think is appropriate. everybody needn’t follow ur terms of appropriate-ness. lighten up a bit. wearing jeans doesn’t make someone american. u’re sounding like one of those aunties. 😛
    – i love SMS-ese. more than that, i like morons who download content on their handsets. ppl like me get jobs bcoz of ppl like them.
    – what is QED?
    – i don’t like desi live shows. except for palash sen, kailash kher and indian ocean.
    – thanks for apologizing on behalf of me. i should link up here and not blog for another week! 😀
    aaj ke liye itna hi. or as channel V would put it… “itne paisa mein itna-ich milega”

  6. Stole your idea on SMS lingo and made a post on that.. even linked to you!! [;)] (thats supposed to make you feel better despite my stealing).

  7. Yipee,..you are back.I totally agree with you on the sms lingo thing. I once got a simple ‘k n p’ from a friend..which some had to translate for me as “Ok No Problem”,..I am old fashioned.I use the dictionary function every single time, right down to punctuations.

    P.S. – Things are ALWAYS better during “our time”,including the masala chai, isn’t it 😉

  8. Grt 2 hv u bk.. u shd rite mr oftn.. esp if u r joblss 😛

  9. Oops, my blunder, it is not grt, it is ‘Gr8’

    Get the irony ?

  10. I’m in the unemployed phase too! 🙂
    Chin-up! I don’t like eating up letters either while sending sms…

    Also, that you-tube video isn’t there anymore…

    Just finished drinking masala chai mow though… 😛

  11. where’s the next blog piece???
    u shud tk SEVs advc…

  12. also, u don’t even revert to comments now???
    how busy are u, eh?! 😦

  13. alice-in-wonder said:

    Looks like you have gone back to that ‘considerable hiatus’ again.

  14. Hi all,
    Sorry I haven’t had the time to reply to each of your comments in detail. I hope to see you guys back here when I come back.

    Love you all.

  15. Just curious, How are you SO SURE shankar mahadevan lip syncs? Have u been onstage / backstage with him? or is it your intution / intelligence (in this case extremely FLAWED) that helped you to come to that conclusion.? Whatever it is, learn to give some respect to musicians, that too the order of Shankar and Hari – who are the best in the industry. And oh, BTW, I have attended atleast 15 LIVE shows of Hariharan and he actually sings and not lip sync. Get your facts right before ranting.

    That said, The rendition of “pon ondru kanden..” was quite less than ordinary. But its the gross generalization that you are making that spikes me.

  16. @Harish,
    Go back and read what I said. Hariharan does sing in his stage shows, I never denied it. That he does an awful job of it is also a fact. Shankar Mahadevan does not sing on stage. Doesn’t take any intelligence to figure that out. FYI, I have attended SM shows as well, I never speak without getting my facts right.

    I never said that either of them are bad singers, I have nothing but utmost respect and adoration for both of them. But when it comes to stage shows some of these brilliant singers somehow fail to impress (and here I exclude Hariharan because when he sits down and sings ghazals, he blows me away, but when he attempts this cool pop-star kinda thing, I find it hard not to shake my head in disbelief).

    So before you go shooting your mouth of on MY blog, please try and understand what I’m saying, which for the most part is in PLAIN English. Thanks and bbye.

  17. Enna idhu, ore angst? In your angst, you have even admitted to “utmost respect and adoration” for SM!! Enna tattuvamo!

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