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Picked this up from Pixie. I’m going to talk about 7 things I absolutely abhor (Christmas is here early 😀 )!!!

  1. Men who sleep with/live with/use women and then just take off. I mean, stop being a coward and take responsibility for your actions, for chrissakes! You will live with her, make her cook for you, have all your fun with her, satisfy your dirty animal desires and yet cheat on her behind her back, sms other women, and get out under the pretext of “we were never committed, I never promised marriage, and whatever we did was consensual.” Everybody knows what a farce that is, no one’s buying your bullshit anymore.
  2. Women who sleep with/live with/allow themselves to be used by men and then are left to pick up the pieces of the broken relationship because “I love him and I forgive him of all his sins and I thought that giving in to his demands would make him be committed to me.” I mean, wake up and smell the shit hitting the roof. How daft do you have to be to see that the grade A bastard is using the crap out of you and isn’t promising you anything more than a lifetime of misery?
  3. Indian people who insult and humiliate the state of affairs in India in front of foreigners, making India look like a death hole. I mean, you’re living outside India to make money, stick to that. Do not go on bad-mouthing the country that has given you your life, your identity, your brains – the reason you are even making money in America anyway. And tell me the last time you weren’t racially discriminated in this “free” country?
  4. People who act like their cool factor increases by the number of white skinned friends they have, and would go to any lengths to be seen hanging around them (including copious amounts of flirting and drinking binges). Pray, tell me, when was the last time you actually hung out with a white guy/girl without alcohol involved? Better still, the last time you had an intelligent, heart-to-heart conversation with one of them? Or when you spoke to them about things other than the exotica you feed them about India? From my observation (and this is strictly based on my 2 years of being in a department full of non-Indians), you can be friends with these guys, hang out, do fun stuff (which mostly involves alcohol) but when it comes to emotional closeness, they simply do not understand us and the kinds of problems we might have. And it’s not a bad thing either, it’s just that their issues are very different from ours.
  5. Of course, my all-time favorite, people who cannot watch a movie/show/public performance without adding their 2 cents to every scene. And their 2 cents can’t be classified as constructive criticism either. More like destructive and sadistic pleasure derived from malicious intent. I think people who can’t handle A R Rehman singing and performing Tamizh songs (which is his native tongue and the reason why he’s so popular) also fall under this category.
  6. Back seat drivers (alright I am one too, but I’m working on it, I really am, I promise.. Pinky swear.) who think they come with a pair of invisible rearview mirrors and are blessed with Shiva’s netrikann (or Third Eye) which gives them 360 degree vision. Hmph!
  7. And, (drumroll) last but not least, people who don’t clean up their tables at a fast food place/campus center/any self service joint. I mean, how long does it take? Pick up–>throw in trash can (which has been strategically placed near all exits for your convenience, mind you)–>walk out. Bah, humbug.

Wow, that feels wonderful! 😀


Comments on: "Se7en" (8)

  1. i notice u don’t absolutely abhor women who use men like disposable dishes?
    anyway… don’t agree with all the points here… but yeah, christmas is here early!

  2. Hmm…rgdg point 1…im with Ray Ray.. so why don u abhor a person who cheats…why just a man?

    n point 2…sumtimes its hard to take note and even if u take note..hard to break away gurl..Very very hard..easier said than done.

  3. well someone was angry and now someone is feeling better.

    Thats a good sign.

    all I can say about your list especially about the first two points is ‘life is complex’ and at times your best thought out strategies go for a toss when your heart bowls u a googly.

    On the rest am completetly with you, though on the emotional connect bit with Whites I wouldnt really know since have never had the oppurtunity to be around them much.

  4. Hey, good tag…..though am not particularly fond of gender bashing in any form, be it man or woman. But I agree to all your other points. And it is a good way to vent, isn’t it? 🙂


  5. All,
    I just want to say that points 1 and 2 are not specially significant to the tag. I just did this tag at a time when my friend was going through a lot of crap. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m biased towards one gender, the truth is I’m not, I was just frustrated that day and what else is a blog if not a vent for my frustrations?

    Thanks for all your comments, but it would be nice if all of you didn’t say the same things over and over, kinda feels like I’m being berated for some big crime I’ve done.

  6. now this is miy kind of tag.i was infact thinking of starting a tag like this ..i love listing the things and people i hate

  7. Hey there, just to make up for my comment on “gender bashing”, would also like to say that you have a great blog going here. And I totally agree, its your blog and its a good method of venting! 🙂 Take care.

  8. @LOTS: you should take it up then, it’s fun, trust me!
    @Sachin: thanks a lot, man. i hope to see you around more. (insert shameless blog publicity here)

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