I have opinions. Like it or not.


… is it so hard to leave every single time ? And it only gets progressively harder. You would think, considering that it’s been over a month that you’ve been away, that leaving would be easier each time. It only gets worse.



Comments on: "Why?" (7)

  1. i know… maybe it’s coz u know what u’re missing out on…? 😦
    li’l more time, gurl.. it’ll all get better soon… :0)

  2. Great blog! Lovely posts!

    Looking forward to your tag on “7 Things You Abhor! Cheers!

  3. It will get better… take care… 🙂


  4. Its the only way you know you have to go back.

  5. reminders of what is most important in life…thats what these are…

  6. U do know that the ans for all such WHY Qs..shld come from within rite??

  7. @reshma: it’s not getting better anytime soon, i’m just learning to live with it.
    @Sachin: thanks buddy! i hope i don’t let you down. 🙂
    @Pixie: Thanks, babe. That is the hope. That is the hope.
    @SEV: Yep, yep, I do have to go back.
    @pinku: not just what’s most important, this IS my life. 🙂
    @Pavi: i have the answers, i just have no way of ever executing the solution. 🙂

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