I have opinions. Like it or not.

Why am I gifted with an advisor who waits a month and a half after my defense to change the title of my thesis? That too after have obtained one committee member’s signature (who’s off to Antarctica on a field trip) and my graduate director (who’s off on some conference and won’t be back till 13th Aug) ?

And since when did I become brave enough to pursue this as a matter of integrity? I simply refused to change the title and obtained all the necessary signatures, much to my advisor’s chagrin? Quite proud of myself I am. 🙂


Comments on: "A graduate student's woes" (8)

  1. You did ? Get brave, I mean..

  2. alice-in-wonder said:


    proud of you, we are. 😀

  3. stop fishing.
    and start singing. “dil dance maare…”

  4. Bravo!!!

    am going to throw a party tonight in ur honor and drink wine…

    Stick to what you think is right. Its the best road to take always.

  5. I’m not sure how much i u’stood of wat a big task u did..see, im very alien to these graduate jargons..”thesis”, “defense”, “advisor” etc etc etc….

    BUT i gather…the advisor is sumone who matters..n u stood up for sumthing u belive in..inspite of him..so ya..pat on ur back[:)]

  6. You sneaky woman ,you should have at least hinted..what is all this thesis-wesis you are talking about…Next time I will write only intelligent comments on your blog…but yeah u deserve a pat on your back!!

  7. Drum roll and applause..
    you havent been by my blog for a while? I am having a crisis!!

  8. @SEV: what is that supposed to mean?
    @alice: yeah!
    @rayshma: no, that’s my boyfriend’s ringtone. 😀
    @pinku: you can drink tequila and vodka as well. i finally submitted the thesis online 😀
    @pavi: thanks babe. 🙂
    @lostonthestreet: oh no, if you start writing inty comments, how will i ever understand them? i don’t understand half the things you say anyway. 😀
    @Preethi: danke.. but i only follow your creative outbursts . 🙂

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