I have opinions. Like it or not.


He is jobless. He’s watching TV. Then he goes and plays his step brother’s drumset. Then he watches more TV while he is sweating. He comes home, sees his step brother watching TV and sweating. They get into a fight. Get this. He runs upstairs and rubs his “nutset on your drumset”. They become best friends because they like the same dinosaur and want to sleep with John Stamos. They make a rap song titled ‘Boats and Hoes’ and sing it during a Catelina Wine House Mixer presentation lunch while the actual band sings ’80s Joel songs. They beat up their father while they both sleepwalk and put stuff in the refrigerator and the oven respectively.

Now you tell me, why wouldn’t anyone enjoy this movie?


Comments on: "Eh..?" (7)

  1. i shall not read any post of urz which talks abt jobless people. i have an extreme complex that u use all these “jobless” ppl to make digs at me. 😛

    p.s.: only movie reviews now here?

  2. Now wat all movies u watch!Eh?Eh?EH?

    n r u actually recommending this one?

  3. You didn’t enjoy that ? How weird are you ?

  4. Somehow, I am not at all surprised that you’d enjoy this! If you are going to be totally jobless, might as well write that damn book I told you about.

  5. Are we into movie reviews now? 🙂

  6. hmmm…very interesting…and the best part is about both sleep walking and beating up the dad…

  7. @rayshma: not everything in this world is about you, you know. hmph!
    @pavi: no, that was sarcasm.. i guess it was too subtle?
    @SEV: pretty weird considering most people were laughing their asses off in the theater.
    @Sailesh: what book?
    @lostonthestreet: nah, but then i guess that was redundant considering i just wrote two..ahem..thought provoking posts! 😀
    @pinku: no, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 😛

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