I have opinions. Like it or not.

… or lose your papers and end up in an asylum.


Comments on: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" (4)

  1. rayshma said:

    i’m back.
    and i like this phool-patti template.
    but am not talking to u. 😦

  2. err… speak as the Romans do!

    But I would say that the guy was stupid enough to get it upon himself. There should have been a lot of people around him who knew English and could have understood hand signs, etc. or even directed him back to the ashram. But of course that does not absolve the doctors or the police in any way — they should definitely have taken care of him.

    P.S. – your comment box’s width (in this new template) isn’t right… I can’t see half of it and believe its width is the same as the entire frame since it seems to go under the right sidebar. Please correct it.

  3. gosh!!
    thats scary but I think the fellow was funny too. even if he cant speak english he could atleast check out things on the internet. check with the hotel for a translator and do something sensible.

    French is close to english and has many words in common…I think he paniked too much something we all must guard against in an emergency.

  4. OMG! Is this scary or wat!! how could they!?!

    n poor thing was old also…. 😦

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