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So I was in Texas for the long weekend. It was the best weekend I have had in a long time. And truly, everything is BIG in Texas! They have these monster trucks that seem to occupy the entire road. The speed limits are higher. The people there all seem to be XXL by default. And Plano has the best paani puri I have eaten in the US.

What really attracts me to the place is its wild nature, it’s rustic freedom, it’s don’t-give-a-crap attitude. Texas is the only state that can declare itself an independent republic at any time, did you know ?? And they can survive, they have all the oil. There are people who actually build houses without basements because digging below foundation level opens up oil wells causing crude oil to flow like water flowing out of broken pipelines!

However, the BEST part of my trip, was visiting my good one of the closest friends I’ve made over the last 8 months. The crazy, cooky, nutty, and tiny Rayshma. And yes, I promised to make sambhar. And yes, I only made dal. But Rayshma aur Shera decided that we needed to go out to Chilli’s to have dinner so the process had to be stopped halfway. She conveniently left out this little detail didn’t she? 😛

Shera is sweet and docile. She… well, the less said about their domestic relationship the better. The poor chap left a sock in the living room. Man, she scared me! 😀 He bought her very cute gifts, shopping for which was done after he left from his lab so now he knows the closing times of all big stores.

He got us lost in the middle of nowhere, wouldn’t stop for directions, got yelled at by da lady, got us back on track using his expert navigational abilities and took us to Taco Bell for lunch where we realized that in all the getting lost, we had lost so much time that we had to skip one of the places we were supposed to go to. But it worked out in our favor coz the weather was bad anyway. 🙂

They finally dumped me at the airport and scrammed for their life. Methinks, no more invitations from College Sation are going to make it my way for a long long time.

Anyway, I had fun. The most fun I have had in a while now. Me now looking forward to California. I don’t know when that will be! Until then, you can choose to follow the morose details of my morbid life. Or you can get a life of your own.


Comments on: "Howdy?" (11)

  1. nice..

    But me katti coz you didnt come here. 😦

    When’s calif? Next long weekend? We just might bump into each other there 😀

  2. I want my own country too.

  3. rayshma said:

    if u think i’m going to read this & say… “aww… of course u’re invited”.. u’re SO wrong!
    but heyy… come over anytime. now u know what u’re getting into! 😛

  4. Hey in blogdom that you are the tech-savy one.Hmmm..Can I be your bestest friend?Please.Pretty please.:-)

  5. ANd i copied your comment on my own post.shameless aren’t we?

  6. hmmmm….a sambhar that became a dal….a trip cut short, and getting lost…sounds like ingredients for a fun holiday…but hey where are the pics?

  7. rayshma said:

    @ pinku: if u’re on orkut, go add me!

  8. hey there! This is my first or the second time here..came over from rayshma’s..And funny..we almost met!LOL!!
    We were in the same cities..at almost the same time..San antonio,Plano..and college station. 🙂
    Had fun reading 🙂

  9. sounds like fun.. fun for whom I am not sure.. but yeah sounds vaguely like it!! 🙂

  10. @Alice: All in good time, my friend, all in good time.
    @SEV: Why? So you can make piracy official?
    @rayshma: Oh no, if you think I am going to wait for an invitation next time, you are SO wrong.
    @kk: Well, I can be your bestest friend, if you want. 😀 yeah, I saw the comment copying. Shame on you! 😛
    @pinku: Take rayshma’s advice. Add her on orkut! 🙂
    @Trish: Glad you stopped by. I know, pity we missed each other.
    @preethi: heh, good fun it was. 🙂

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