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The One With the Tag

Rayshma and Lostonthestreet tagged me to do this so here we go! I’m describing my most favorite characters from literature. Boy, does it feel like one of those ‘Sketch the character of..’ questions we used to have in English exams in school.

Huckleberry Finn: I admire the fact that he is so free, and he is the inspiration to the novel’s main character, which is saying something. He does as he pleases, without a worry in the world. His friendship with Tom is also quite admirable, and I somehow find it similar to that of Jay and Viru from Sholay! (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.)

Mycroft Holmes: C’mon, how can anyone be smarter than Sherlock and be less effective right? Here he is, the smartest, cleverest and most inert of all detectives of all times. Just his sheer attitude, of not needing validation for his theories, of them being right by default, is what draws me to him.

Albus Dumbledore: I have expressed surprise at his sexual orientation, but there is no character I admire more than the greatest wizard of all time. His very presence exuding the magnetic power that so characterizes his vast experience and wisdom, is extremely fascinating and Rowling made sure this was one of the few perfectly characterized parts in the entire series.

William Brown: My favorite books as a kid, I only found out much later that Richmal Crompton was a woman. But the devious little child with the undeniably naughty smile, his pack of faithful friends, and his plots of inevitable destruction, made him a most enjoyable read. If anyone can tell me where I can find a decent box set of all the William books, please to let me know.

C E J Darbishire: Now, how can I mention William and leave out Jennings? Anthony Buckeridge brought a more innocuous William to the world along with a most innocent and reluctant right hand man. Darbi is sweet, always quoting proverbs and pretending to be very sage, all the while being drawn into some of the most hare-brained and likely-to-fail schemes devised by his most adventurous friend, Jennings. *Please refer to instructions following the previous character description about the box set.*

John Yossarian: This neurotic, paranoid, pseudo-hypochondriac with a daredevil mischievous streak is one of my most favorite characters of all time. His constant attempt to get out of the squadron and to prevent his seemingly imminent death, by bringing it upon himself, is so typical of all the Catch-22’s in the book.

Jo March: This is one of the few characters in literature that I can identify myself with, because she is so much like me. The quintessential tomboy and the later toning-down of her character, actually represents the changes I have undergone myself. Her passion, quite akin to mine and her belligerent nature, all perfectly mirror my own personality. No wonder then that I like her so much. 🙂

Scarlett O’Hara: It is so difficult for me to decide whether I like her or not, because, at the outset she may seem vain and shrewd but her actions during times of hardship show a deeper, more profound side to her character that it makes it hard for one to detest her altogether. Her undying love for Ashley sometimes seems like an obsession she harbors for so long that it is now difficult for her to get rid of it, but it still makes me wonder, if it is really possible to love someone with a burning passion that stands the test of time and lives on forever.

Ford Prefect: It would have been impossible for Arthur Dent to have had all his adventures if it weren’t for the timely explanations of Ford Prefect. He is such a vast source of knowledge and yet, his only aim in life being to get wasted, seems somewhat of a paradox to me.

I tag Sudipta, SEV and Alice to take up this tag. I know they’ll do great justice to it.

Edited: I also tag my dear friend Prashanth to do this. Maybe this will wheedle a post out of him? 🙂


Comments on: "The One With the Tag" (10)

  1. Wheee gold!

    Hmm you’re right… Yossarian truly rocked, even in his Washington Irving avatar! 😀 Scarlett O’Hara.. I don’t know: Melanie seemed a much more evolved personality than her. And yes, I want to shoot people who liked Rhett Butler.

    Annywho… will take up the tag 🙂

  2. rayshma said:

    good gurl! u’ve finally started doing tags without me having to nag u, eh?!
    i had once spotted a william brown box set… at the kemps corner crossword. umm… no, i didn’t buy it.

  3. That’s so mean of you. An afterthought, am I? Grrrr.

    Actually I’ve already done this tag: http://prashanthsriram.blogspot.com/2007/05/favourite-literary-characters.html

    Who are Jo March and Scarlett O’Hara… don’t tell me… they must be from chick flicks

  4. hmmm…..scarlett seems a great fav amongst many….she appears on most of the lists I have read so far…

    Yossarian……well I was pretty exasperated with him…but then guess he is memorable in his own way…

  5. @Sudipta: Yossarian is GOD. Period. Melanie seems a somewhat larger-than-life character and consequently leaves me unconvinced. Yeah, if it weren’t for Clark Gable in the movie, I don’t think I would have liked him at all. 🙂
    @rayshma: Ohh dear, how I wish I could pick one up right away!
    @Prashanth: Yeah, you’re overenthusiastic aren’t you? Preemptive tag doing and all.
    @pinku: Really? I didn’t think she was such a popular character. But then.. You never know with people. 🙂

  6. rayshma said:

    go down to india around children’s day… u’ll find it if u’re lucky. otherwise, just have a good trip and come back! have u packed yet???

  7. aah..but of course Huckleberry Finn..tsk tsk.How could I have left that one out.

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  9. […] off certain people doing every single tag on the planet, i had to get one. she’s lucky its a literary tag, because, as we all know, i don’t have the time to do such […]

  10. […] off certain people doing every single tag on the planet, i had to get one. she’s lucky its a literary tag, because, as we all know, i don’t have the time to do such […]

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