I have opinions. Like it or not.

Pixie thinks I’m nice! *blushing*

Thanks Pix!

I guess I’ve only been blogging for a li’l while now and this makes me feel like people actually like reading me. 🙂

There, that’s the closest I’m ever going to come to making an Academy Award-like speech. 😀

I would like to bestow this award upon Alice and Lavs. They’ve both in their won way put a lot of perspective into my thinking. Thanks, guys!


Comments on: "People think I’m nice?" (9)

  1. People like reading you?! 😛

    Kitaabein bahut si padhi hogi…

    Congratulations, anyway!

  2. alice-in-wonder said:

    Ofcourse. Duh!

    Do you think otherwise? Pixie, I suggest you confiscate her award. 😛

  3. Gee, Thanks!!

    Will catch you soon with good news!!Ta for now!

  4. rayshma said:

    everybody likes porn, u know!
    i’m alive, bitch! how abt checking in on me, eh?
    how’ve u been?
    p.s.: has lavs had a baby yet?

  5. Woooooooooooooowieeeeeeee ! Many Many Congrats on ur award!

  6. 😀
    Alice, she totally deserves it, don’t you think?!!!
    Rayshma, the award’s been bestowed upon you as well, so pls don’t be too jealous!! 😛

  7. rayshma said:

    pix: muah!
    galadriel: when i’m away, u blog daily?? when i’m back, u disappear. u no love me. i know. sob sob.

  8. […] June 13, 2008 by alice-in-wonder This misguided child seems to think I am nice. […]

  9. @Sudipta: Surprising, innit? 😛
    @Alice: I see you displayed the award. 🙂 And no, no one can take my award from me!!!
    @Lavs: Take care, darling, you’ve got your hands full now!
    @rayshma: Yeah, yeah, what about all the emailing eh? Value nahi hai!
    @ Pixie: Thanks babes, you totally made my day. 🙂

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