I have opinions. Like it or not.

Beyond what point would she stop feeling, she wondered. She let herself feel the wind in her hair, smell the fragrance of the spring, the sunlight kissing her upturned nose. No time to dwell or to reflect. Her feet were treading air now. Air that belonged to the unending, bottomless, gaping abyss. I love you.


Comments on: "55 Fiction – "Those 3 Words"" (4)

  1. Woops… looks like love causes more deaths than lives! 🙂

    About your last post… hope you’re okay.

  2. Hauntingly beautiful.

  3. Very nice… 🙂
    We seem to have been thinking similarly, though the posts are different!

  4. Passed on the “nice” award to u 🙂
    Please do pick it up!

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