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Twin Tags

*Edited to format the post a little. Looks way too much like my Masters thesis. 😛

Two tags and my crazy week has prevented me from doing them. But that week is finally over and I am free as a fiddle. (yeah, yeah, judge all you want, I’ll use whatever expression I want, this is MY blog. Booyah.)

Moving on, Pixie and Lavs tagged me and I shall finally do the honors. 🙂 I hate not being the first one ot take it up, oh well, grad school.

  • Last Movie You Saw In A Theater: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • What Book Are You Reading: Right now, nothing, but there’s this Beatles biography that I want to start soon. Summer’s here, yayy!
  • Favorite Board Game: Cranium
  • Favorite Magazine: I don’t do magazines, it’s pointless trashy reading about stuff you either know already anyway or have no use for.
  • Favorite Smells: Of spring, of flowers blooming, of the wet earth after the first rain, of my Mom’s sambar..
  • Favorite Sound: Hearing my Mom call me when she’s online, of music, of water
  • Worst Feeling In The World: Insecurity
  • First Thing You Think Of When You Wake Up? Ah, crap someone turn off the Godforsaken alarm!
  • Favorite Fast Food Place: Nan-king Express, Ganesh Bhel in Pune
  • Future Child’s Name: Haven’t thought about it, but I have always liked the name Sridhar. I don’t know any good girl names. 😦
  • Finish This Statement. “If I Had A Lot Of Money I’d…” go to India every 6 months.
  • Do You Drive Fast? Never above the speed limit.
  • Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal? Does a hug-pillow count?
  • Storms-Cool Or Scary? Scary as hell.
  • What Was Your First Car? My one and only, my precious, my love, my Chrysler Sebring.
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee.
  • Finish This Statement, “If I Had The Time I Would …..” learn to play an instrument, read all the books I want to, watch all the movies I want to, travel, blah blah blah.
  • Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli? Eurgh, broccoli!
  • If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice? I’d like to go wild. Pink or purple or green, perhaps? But I’d like to have a sombre Burgundy as well.
  • Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In: Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Highland Park.
  • Favorite Sports To Watch: F-1
  • One Nice Thing About The Person(s) Who Sent This To You: Pixie is one of those passionate I-will-say-something-if-I-don’t-like-it types. Quite a reflection of me. Lavs is very demure, very peaceful and very pregnant!
  • What’s Under Your Bed? Well, I only got a proper bed last week. Until then, my bed was on the floor. Right now my bed is a box with blankets and sleeping bags stored underneath. Elaborate enough?
  • Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again? Yes, pliss.
  • Morning Person Or Night Owl? Night owl, always the prowler.
  • Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up? I don’t eat eggs. They make me throw up. Now you tell me.
  • Favorite Place To Relax: Swimming pool.
  • Favorite Pie: I haven’t eaten too many, but I’d have to say blueberry. As you can probably tell, I have what we call the opposite of the sweet tooth.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Triple Banana Split with nuts sprinkled on top, the kind you get only in Thomas Sweet, Princeton. 😀

You pass this tag to – Umm, everyone I know has already done it, but if Rayshma hasn’t then she’s gonna take it up.


Comments on: "Twin Tags" (8)

  1. hehe… i’ve been tagged with this. waiting to post the 250th… then this tag tomorrow.
    i’m surprised there’s no pic of what’s under ur bed here. 😛
    u don’t know good gurl-names?? what is wrong with rayshma?? purrfect bollywood banjara-dancer name, no?!

    two separate tags or SAME tag by two different PEOPLE? eh? eh??
    as u see, i’m sic of formatting the darned post.. and am using this like gtalk! 😛

  2. Thts good amt of information on u for a starter like me 🙂

    Is “Forgettin Sarah Marshall” good?Been thinking of watching it!

    Even i want to goto india once in 6 mths…

  3. Did you like forgetting sarah marshall.. I thought it was hilarious… especially Aldous snow..

  4. This post told a lot about you. Since the summer is here, want to take up another tag? 😀

  5. Nice… 🙂
    Like I told on Raysh’s post – I love it when people say nice things about me!

  6. @rayshma: oh god, even if it were my father-in-law’s deathwish to name my child after you, i’d find a loophole and wiggle out of it. it only reminds me of this silly feroze khan-hemamalini song in which she’s supposed to be afghani (?!) and she’s dancing her typical bharatanatyam steps. insanely hilarious. also, i fixed the seperate tags thing coz i really thought they were different tags. turns out they were just the same tags disguised differently. hmph!
    @pavi: it is truly awesome. mildly offensive humor, but very very smart. highly recommended.
    @angelus: i loved it!!! didn’t you think that snow was trying to act like johnny depp?
    @sudipta: where’s my tag? 😀 and you don’t talk about summer, someone hasn’t replied to my last email. phhbbt.
    @pixie: heh, well, one good turn deserves another. say nice things about me. doesn’t need a tag, does it? 😀

  7. Just popping in to say hi. Nice template and all. Hey… don’t you still have a thesis to complete? Get back to work 😛

  8. And what’s that about the driving below the speed limit again??
    What, did you say your nose grew by a little bit?? ;0

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