I have opinions. Like it or not.

.. when you press ‘K’ to get to the previous email.


Comments on: "You know you use google reader way too much…" (7)

  1. d’u press K to get to the previous slide on ppt?
    and btw, don’t comment on my blog today! not that u listen to me… but still… i try. sigh!

  2. Hey..I came in here ‘coz Ray Ray mentioned that ur starting a porn blog 😉

    Now wats the conn between “k” and GReader…can u enlighten me plzzzzzz?

  3. @rayshma: fortunately, pressing K in ppt doesn’t do anything so i covered up my ass immediately. of course, that’s not true and i’m a good liar.
    @lavs: done!
    @pixie: you do it too, don’t ya? admit it, admit it.
    @pavi: don’t believe and lies she tells you. except for the occasional obscene writing having no intellectual merit, this blog is pretty much a family one. 😀
    ohh and ‘K’ on GReader takes you to the previous feed entry.

  4. did u delete that “K” from the slide, then… eh?
    i LIE! that’s what u tell ppl who come here… shiv shiv shiv…!!!

    off i go to do that darned tag! better than stalking ur space & writing random comments…
    @ pavi: read some of her posts below… u’ll know where the ‘porn blog writer’ comes from…

  5. LOL! Will get to ur past posts sooooooooooooon !

    PS: Realllly i am a “Family” person..i mentioned the “porn” bit ‘coz RayRay insisted 😉 Wicked isnt she???

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