I have opinions. Like it or not.


“I tell people secrets. I makes them like me.'”

Chandler’s words never rang truer.


Comments on: "Grey" (6)

  1. u no tell me ANY sickret! 😦
    u no want me to like u… 😥
    me off to sulk in corner now.

  2. OHH… NOW i get it… u were referring to secret of savita bhabhi, eh?? eh?
    u were, weren’t u?!
    loses interest… goes off to munch on dark choc…

  3. TrUe! mE tHiNkS sAmE SaMe tOo…
    mE lIkEs ChAnDLeR ToO…

  4. oh yeah! Never thot of it….makes sense yeah!

  5. @rayshma:woman, what the hell controls your thoughts? all you can think of is this?!!
    @pixie:me likes the way you’ve alternated small and caps. is that your new style or are you just jobless? 😛
    @pavi:yep, yep it does.

  6. I know someone with 12.. will that do??… 🙂

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