I have opinions. Like it or not.

I dream

… of the world still beautiful, untarnished by the sins perpetrated by man.

… of possessing total and complete knowledge of something – anything.

… of sleep – blissful, peaceful, dreamless sleep.

… of capturing and permanently embedding in my mind the beauty in mundane things.

… of walking along the beach, feeling the wind in my hair, the water lapping at my feet.

… of curling up and going to sleep in my mother’s lap.

… of being able to relieve the pain I see in someone’s eyes.

… of playing in the rain, not a worry on my mind, not a sorrow in my heart.

… of establishing my existence as something to be reckoned with.

… of a love all-encompassing, pure and unrestrained.

… of a reason to live everyday like it’s my last day.


Comments on: "I dream" (3)

  1. rayshma said:

    do u really need a reason…?

    p.s.: do i get brownies for constructive comment? this was REALLY very tempting… and i desisted. *pats self on back & goes off to grub*

  2. So do we all.

    And so does Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. According to the movie. He even has Bryan Adams sing about it.

    [Sorry, but I couldn’t resist that last bit :P]

  3. i see that u’ve bullied people into not posting non-constructive comments. eh?

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