I have opinions. Like it or not.


I have a friend who works on medical imaging. Excerpts from a conversation he was having with his friend:

S: biomedical imaging
G: hmmm
G: wtf
G: u mean porn?

Made my day, it did.


In other news, I have finally discovered a solution to my roommate’s insomnia problem.


Comments on: "LOL!" (8)

  1. and YOU are going to solve ur roommate’s insomnia HOW…????

  2. Sometimes I think you write these posts only so that I can comment on them!!! (And why wont you, after all my comments are responsible for half the hits your blog gets!)

    Your blog is like a raga aalapanai! You address many topics with different nuances, but like the singer always keeps coming back to the base note, you also frequently keep coming back to the raison d’être of this blog – porn! It is like the traveller who visits many places, but still calls one place as home. Long may this tradition continue! (I’ve run out of analogies that do not get technical in nature.)

    I must bow down to thee, it is indeed a concept of most ingenuity to relate biomedical imaging to porn. The profound connection renders me speechless! As also the thought of what kind of fetishes you must have if you think BMI is porn! I can see that you have already lined up a victim to try this out! I shall pray for the well-being of your roommate.

    Actually, scratch that. I would rather wait for a post on your adventures.

  3. Drinks from my side to anyone who visits this blog.
    I’m finally not a part of a porn related post on Galadriel’s blog.

  4. LOL!!!
    The first 3 lines – awesome!! Biomedical imaging and porn?!!! LOL

  5. @ ubert: do we get a regulars’ discount if we’ve been visiting AND commenting regularly? pls say yes?

  6. ROTFL @ B’s genius porn raga alapana analogy..

  7. @rayshma:umm.. i said i only found the solution, i didn’t say i’d demonstrate it. pay attention to what you read, young lady!
    @Sailesh:ayyo..i didn’t make that up, that conversation actually happened.nobody believes me. 😦
    @UberT:this once only.you wait until the next.
    @Pixie:thank goodness, you’re the first to appreciate the humor in it!

  8. u call me young. me like. 🙂
    but well, where’s that drink, eh??

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