I have opinions. Like it or not.

Out of the blue…

A glance, a touch. A fleeting smile. A hint of mischief. Laughing eyes, once full of sorrow. Playful hands. A hug, a kiss. A peck on the cheek. A brush of the lips against the forehead. A grin, a chuckle, full blown laughter. The forgetfulness, the excuses for. Expectations, or the lack of. Hurt, despair, angst. Loss. Guilt. Hope, a ray of sunshine. Happiness, endless mirth. A meeting of the eyes. Instant communication. A connection. Electricity. The wit, the intelligence, the wisdom. Patience. The logical thinking. Achievement. The encouragement, the support. The affection. The sound of a voice. Recognition. Knowing the pain. Feeling it. The waiting. The disappointment thereafter. Sleeplessness. Concern, anxiety. Envy. Insecurity. Reassurance, appeasement. Conversations, discussions, arguments, quarrels. Apologies. Making up. The eyes, the lips, the stature. The smell, the voice. The gait, the stance. The aura, the persona.


Inspired by She’s Got a WayBilly Joel


Comments on: "Out of the blue…" (4)

  1. hmm… šŸ™‚

  2. nice new look… i can see u’re working very hard… šŸ˜‰

  3. alice-in-wonder said:


    And, pretty theme.

  4. Love your new look!!

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