I have opinions. Like it or not.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a movie review.

We went to watch the movie last night. It’s a beautiful movie, everyone MUST watch it in the theater, because of the grand scale that the movie is in. I’m not talking Sanjay Leela Bhansali, but it’s still worth a watch in the theater. Admittedly, Ashutosh Gowariker needs some 101 lessons in editing, but overall, I liked and enjoyed the movie because it is so very different from the usual trash that Bollywood churns out every week. It’s a sensitive and intelligently made movie, placing emphasis on Jalal’s impulsive-innocent character (played to perfection by Hrithik Roshan) and Jodhaa’s courageous nature (only Aishwarya can execute those looks-of-burning-hatred scenes) and wins one’s heart. Of course, the last half an hour was completely pointless, and all he had to do was get rid of the silly conquering Hindustan and treachery sequences and he would have had a winner on his hands. But you cannot make a period film and get away without showing any war/dueling sequences, so that can be put away as giving in to commercial demands.

My main issue with yesterday’s movie is that I wish people would watch movies with a more open outlook. I went there in a gang of about 7 people, and save 2 (one of them being me) none of them seemed to get the point of the movie. They just sat there and made fun of the language, the costumes, the location, just about everything that made the movie enjoyable. They laughed throughout the movie and made contrived jokes that weren’t even funny. If the same movie had been made in Hollywood, they would have shut their traps and not said a word throughout the movie. Why is it that they cannot accept that a period film made in India, can actually have some class?

They all claim to be intelligent people, but nothing from their behavior last night displayed any of the so-called smartness that they so proudly seem to have on display all the time. Why is it that when a sequence shows Akbar’s impulsive, carried-away-by-the-moment nature by showing him (royalty) to be dancing amongst the khwajas, my friends cannot understand the implication and make fun of the scene as being pointless and irrelevant? Does everything have to be laid out clearly? And yet they claim that their intelligence was insulted when in another sequence something simple was explicitly mentioned for the masses to understand?

And it wasn’t even just the movie. We went to have dinner afterwards and people had issues with the food too. I mean, being able to get Indian food in an alien country is a big deal and here people have problems. They kept complaining that the food sucked and how it was so much better at another place, simply ruining my appetite right when we started. I personally would never complain about food, unless it was simply abominable. I would never curse food as being f***al because it is food, and you are about to eat it. It may have been better someplace else, their mom would obviously have made it better, there may be tomato puree in there, but it would do everyone some good if they just learned to shut their mouths and keep such strong opinions about anything to themselves, especially when they’re in a group and others may have different opinions about the food and/or the food may really not have been as bad as they made it out to be, but just because of their constant complaining everyone else started believing it was bad too.

I think it has everything to do with attitude and learning about public decorum. People really need to learn not to voice their opinions about every single thing that they may or may not like. There may be people like me, who wouldn’t want to pick an argument in public, but would be affected by others’ opinions nonetheless. They need to take care that the company they are in may not like that they have problems with everything. They need to have an open outlook towards anything that they may be trying, be it food, watching a movie, anything. And if they still have a bad opinion about something, they should refrain from complaining all the time, and let others have their peace. If everyone learned a little bit about social behavior, such outings could be so much more enjoyable.


Comments on: "My experience with Jodhaa Akbar" (6)

  1. can’t tell u HOW much i agree with u here! just returned from houston… had gone over to catch up with a couple of “frenz”… and have good indian food. and am SO pissed off!!! wish i had told them to keep their mouths shut! actually i kind of did… but they didn’t “get it”… so i insisted vin had to work… and we got back! AAHHH!!!! may post abt it later… need to bitch first! 😀
    haven’t seen JA yet… but intend to.

  2. What a rant, Phew!

  3. I know what you mean… some people’s idea of fun revolves around criticism, whether warranted or not, whether necessary to vocalize under the circumstances or not. Annoying to the extreme!

  4. totally agree with what you have said.. yet to watch the movie though…

  5. @rayshma:well, good you did! i should have too, instead i blogged about it and got a crapload of flak!
    @Lavs:sorry if it was too verbose 😛
    @Prashanth:Glad someone agrees!
    @Pixie: 🙂 you should, but don’t expect ashutosh gowariker’s past brilliance, just be prepared for hrithik’s SMOKIN bod…

  6. i second the SMOKIN bod! 🙂

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